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  1.   break twitter

    woot! woot! today is a greatday!

    I am having my groove on. I can't hold it any longer, I had to blog about it. There are several experts, Ninjas, Pundits, Jedi and social media gurus, who state different Rules, to do and not do on the social web. I usually try them all, If any particular one works for me I use it, If it doesn't work I drop it.

    It is easier to get overwhelmed with the different rules that are peddled everywhere online. Many of them are great, but not all the ideas would work for you or your brand/business.

    The first question to answer is; 

    'What am I here for? Next;

    Who do I want to connect with?

    Why do I want to connect with him/them?

    what is my message?

    Your answer to these questions would be your guide to the type of twitter guide line that would work best for you.


    It is an awesome revelation to see how social is changing the way business is being done. I once wrote an article titled; 'The end of business as usual' I am however shocked, why many still do not get social media.

    Early this week, I got an e-mail from a prospective client, who wants to build a blog and spread her influence via the social web. I was however shocked when she exclaimed; 'Are you charging me for Facebook? I thought Facebook is free.'

    While some are still satisfied with doing business as usual, they should be disturbed by the future, why? the amount of interaction, sharing, conversation and engagement going on online is immense and growing as shown by the chart below. It is better to come on board now, as your competitors are already using social media and positioning themselves for the big kill. Plus, it is easier to collect data, analyze the user data and use it to improve the product or service delivery.

     facebook statistics

    Infographic credit -

  3. thomas two

    Sometimes when we see privacy instructions before being allowed to use a service (terms of service), we never read them, we just accept. Knowing fully that these stuffs play a huge role, you should take some time and update your knowledge, Know your inter web meme.  

    The Internet is an open medium for sharing, leaning and innovating. The Internet or Inter-web is a platform to build a lot of things. Since its birth many things have changed in the society.

  4. If you’re not sure who you are and why you are like that, someone who knows who he is and why he’s like that can toss you here and there. – Jesse


    It has been a week of test and failing for me. I just finished celebrating failure week last week, and now I have just been hit by another one. What? 

  5. Failure; a bad Omen?

    Apr 10, 2011

    I've (almost) never seen someone fail while relaxing on a couch watching TV. Take Risks! - HBRchat

    The best way not to fail is to venture at nothing. Anyone who ventures at a task or project should be ready to fail. Permit me to ask; why do we often view failure as a bad omen?

    It is the last day of the #Failureweek celebrated by the puttylike community. this is my own contribution to the #Failure week.

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