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  1. if you were born in china of Chinese parents what religion are you likely to practice? Say you live in a village in the remote part of china where contact to the outside world were limited?

    The search for liberation characterise what we all do as humans. We want to be free of hate, poverty, stress, diseases, illness, worry, inferiority complex, unsolved mystery. So, in a quest for an answer to life’s deepest concerns humans have turned to different things; money, sex, power, fame/fortune,technology, zen life, religion, fashion/beauty, work, play, science, education etc, at the end it still leaves a lot of people disillusioned. Permit me to ask then, what is the ultimate quest? (take a moment and think about this question, do not attack the question like a mind that has been programmed, THINK!). Are you in pursuit of it (if their is need for a quest)? What are you currently spending your life doing? Is it that you are looking out for yourself or are you existing selflessly?

    These are the musings of a wondering mind. I’d rather ask these intelligent and mind boggling questions than to keep my mouth shut. Have you ever wondered about this lines of thought too?

    Let me share with you what I think. I think we are afraid to confront our fears/questions that are agitating our minds. We were all born and thought the way to follow. Most of us stay that way for the rest  of their lives, without probing or asking any questions. As you are reading this piece, what are those questions that you will like to ask about the things you have been thought on your views and belief about life? Ask your self those questions and search for the answers. Only then will you be able to live free and be liberated.

    I will like to describe the world as a complex figure that needs to be figured out. have you been able to figure yours out? Let me hear your response to this post. I hope this made an inetresting read for you as I just wrote it bare/unedited.

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