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    “A group of marketers talking about social media ROI is a lot like a group of 7th graders talking about sex: everyone talks about it, but no one has ever done it nor does anyone have the slightest idea how.” ~ Argyle social

    “Don’t talk unless it improves silence” ~ Buddha

    “Your audience would fight you, but your community would defend you.” ~Social fresh conference

    “If you can’t do copy and paste, don’t engage in Social media marketing.”

    These were some of the “tweet away” quotes I got from Social fresh conference in Tampa, Florida (USA). It was a conference packed with fire and an audience that was ready to learn how to take their brands and businesses to the next level using social media marketing.

    You want to ask if I was there. Yes, I was. But, I joined virtually, via twitter stream. Now I present to you the juices I got from the conference. The conference answers some of the questions I have, that I am sure you have too about using social media as a marketing tool and how to measure the ROI, yes ROI!!!

    I can’t do justice to a two day conference in a single post, but I would give you the best “tweet away” (take away). Lets ((((((goooo))))))


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    If you get on twitter without having a goal (what you hope to achieve with it) it would be like jumping on a bus (any bus) just because it is going somewhere you don't know. It is imperative you set up a goal before signing up on twitter. (I did not, when I first signed up on twitter July 2010 and now I have lots of spam trailing my tail ~ subject for another day)

    To find great people to follow on twitter you have to do the following

  3. picture source: google images.

    Yesterday, I was called a twitter addict by my team mates . Same team,
    I inspired to see the value of twitter and it is gradually growing the

    I wonder if my loving and sharing my bed with twitter is canal, you
    tell me. 


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