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  1. I had to put a little flesh to the quote I composed earlier as a tweet;

    "Opinion, no matter how strong, are not superior to FACTS."

    There are OPINIONS and there are FACTS. You should train yourslelf to distinguish between the two. When you do, it will be easier for you when someone of authority says something, you don't just swallow it.

    OPINIONS are subjective--they way I choose to see it, while FACTS are objective--the way it is.

    The next time you engage in a conversation or debate with someone, perform an X-ray, distinguish between the OPINIONS and the FACTS.

    You are free to follow other people's opinion, but be aware what they are and don't peddle them as fact.

    What are your thoughts on this brief quote? Please share in the comments.

  2. I have been given the opportunity to address a group of parents whose children are bbetween 10 & 18 years.

    The event is organised my the Parents teachers association. This is a sign that parents are concerned. There is need for concern.

    Why Be Concerned?

    Unlike Telivision and cable TV that have parental control, there is limit to how parents can control what their children do when accessing the web.

    Parents may decides not to hand over smartphone to their children. However, many private schools now have internet access within the school. A school may decide to block access to social media sites. [Do schools actually do that?]

    From my investigation with a prominent member of the PTA of the school where I will be speaking, she made it clear to me that the children have access to internet on home computer and also have personal smart phones.

    With access to the web and social media sites on computer and mobile, the children are expose to huge influence--good and bad.

    If you're a parent and you don't know much about what social media may be exposing your children to, here is a few list:

    1. Influence - The most popular among the social media of the day is Facebook with over 800 million users. There is also Twitter, Tumblr, 2go, Blackberry messenger and a host of others. With a Facebook and twitter account, young ones can connect with their popular TV, musical, game and Movie online.

    If parents control the music, game, movie and TV programmes that children see at home, there's little control they can have when their ward are accessing contents online via social networks. Youths are influenced more by what their friends tell them and what they see online, believing their parents do not belong to this era. Parents need to know that social media will increase peer influence and peer pressure.

    2. Privacy and Security - There is need to guide you children on how the use social web. There are cases of online bullying and pedophiles. Some adults may pretend to be youths and ask for personal informations, like phone number, home address, school and the like.

    All these can result in security threat--Kidnapping et'al. Spend some time with them and let them know the implication of sharing private information with strangers.

    3. Health Implication - There's popularity contest--who has the most friends, most comments on social media sites.

    I will continue it later. I have to attend to dramma rehearsals now. Permit the typos, I am yet to edit it. ;-)

  3. I read a review about the Nokia E6 where someone said it is not adorable and you shouldn't flaunt it. It's a different ball game with me.

    I have found the E6 as a very capable device satisfying my needs. Everyday I spend with it I love it more. Just like ladies, we love them despite their weaknesses, they are human. The E6 is as perfect as a lady.

    The Features That Trips me

    I depend on my mobile phone as my primary access to the web--to get news, read my favourite blogs, receive and send e-mails, use my favourite social network (twitter), blog and manage my blog.

    - Blogging. I use blogger platform on my private blog and guest blog on a WordPress blog. I can easily open my email and conveniently start typing away to publish on my blogger. I love the size of the text, bigger that on the Nokia E71, easy scrolling with my index finger. There is a WordPress app for Symbian^3 phones which works well for this device. (I am filling in this blog post while waiting to see someone. Speaking of ease) Editing the post is easier. i don't have to scroll with the D-pad, but with my fingers on the touch screen.

    - QWERTY + Touch screen. This is a killer combo. I am still new to touch screens and find it difficult to type fast. I don't have to worry with the QWERTY key pad on the E6. The pads are soft and tender on my thumb. It allows me to type fast and for a long time without sustaining blisters. I have sustainned several blisters using the E71, it is harder.

    The touch screen makes it easier for me to scroll up, down and round the page. I only wished I could touch to pick calls. I have to hit on the answer button, not on the screen to pick a call.

    - The Storage. It has an 8gb mass memory, jeez! That means apps, musical collections, movies, photographs, podcasts and videos. I also have the previlege to use external memory card up to 32gb, wow! that is huge.

    - The camera is 8MPix. As long as you maintain a reasonable distance you're fine. I could not get perfect shots whenever I am close to the image. But I am still cool. I would have loved the camera to be like the N8's.

    - My Apps. I have apps installed according to my needs. If your needs are similar to mine, you'd find the apps useful too.
    1. Whatsapp. For instant messaging--pinging--with my friends and contacts using Nokia, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. I don't have to log in to use the app. Available for Free for 1 year.
    2. Skype. It worked perfectly with the E6. I was able to make voice call with EDGE network with clarity. I was shocked. Same EDGE on my laptop won't work. I also use it as messaging platform too.
    3. Gravity. I use it for twitter, foursquare and Google reader. I find it easier to use on E6 due to the touch screen capability. Scrolling between tweets on my E71 use to be diacouraging.
    4. fMobi. For accessong Facebook. But, I am not a huge fan of facebook.
    5. Nimbuzz. For Gtalk, Yahoo and Facebook messenger.
    6. Operamini. This is the browser I found myself using more. I can open more than 3 tabs, unlike the native browser. Scrolling is easier due to the touch function of the screen, helps to reduce internet data consumtion and has ability to share articles and blog posts directly to Twitter or Facebook which is missing also in the native browser. Those are some of my top apps that I installed.

    * joikuspot came pre-installed and I love it dearly. It allowed me to share my mobile internet between several wireless device. I maintained data subscription on the E6, but occassionally share it with my E71, my laptop and with friends. It's a premium app, but it came bundled in for FREE. Yaaay!

    - The OS. Symbian Anna is soooo sexy. I handled a Nokia E7 running old Symbian^3 and I felt sad for those who are yet to get an update. Better and cleaner view with Anna. I bet you're going to fall in love at first sight. It has improved the browser look, feel and function. The font is a lot prettier. I will chose an E6 running Symbian Anna over an E7 communicator running the old Symbian^3.

    What I don't like about the E6.

    - the screen is small, 2.46". If you have bad/poor eye sight, forget about it. It is worse id you're trying to read web pages.
    - the social app for accessing Facebook and Twitter that came with it is awful. I only use it when uploading pics to Facebook or twitter. It is integrated with the picture gallery. The UI sucks and it is pretty slow. Nokia needs to step up the game on that.
    - my emails deliver late. Emails arrive faster on my older Nokia E71.

    Regardless of these few minuses, I still see the E6 as one pretty-sexy device I want to own and flaunt.

    If your needs are similar to mine, you'd love it. The E6 will make a perfect date if you love texting, email, QWERTY and engage in social networking a lot. Business executives with good eye sight would find it useful. It has capability for wordpreocessing, Excell, PDF file reading and Powerpoint.

    Will you be getting a Nokia E6?

  4. A moment ago someone tweeted the above question--should I buy a Nokia E6. The response from someone was, it's outdated. Whaaaaaat???

    The issue isn't if Nokia is outdated or not, but with the question and the answer. Let me make it clearer.

    There's no perfect phone for all. Even when you think you have that perfect device, you'd wish for one more thing that is missing in it. That said, I think the questioner has needs and also have a budget. The question should have been;

    "I have a budget of $, I need a phone that does.... Is an E6 fine?"

    Who is qualified to answer? Someone who has used the phone and can explain how the needs of the prospective buyer can be met by the device.

    The next time you see such question--Is a Nokia E6 a good phone, ask a further question--what would your ideal phone be able to do? Or something similar.

    By the way I have had a Nokia E6 with me since Monday, for trial, by WOMWorldNokia. I am putting together my review and it will be up on when I am done.

    I am not a geek, but I love mobile phones as a means of work and play. My current device is the Nokia E71. I am looking forward to purchase the E6, hence the trial. You can check my post later.

    How would you have answered the above question?


    blogged from Nokia E6

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