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  1. When less means more

    Dec 19, 2010

    “When I was 16, I wanted more, when I was 24, I wanted even more than that, so I worked harder...” This is an excerpt from a post I read at ZenHabits of Leo Babauta.

     ***I can be really clumsy sometimes*** working to resolve it though.

    I read this at a time I was thinking about writing this post, When Less Means More. I have actually been thinking about my quest in life as an entrepreneur with lot of latent abilities. Then, I started to ponder; ‘do those who have so much, actually leave a more impactful and rewarding life?’ Am sure the answer is nope.

  2. That's me in the middle and my two friends

    I started a facebook fan page to help people on how they can have maximum fun and excitement on their mobile device and while using the internet. I needed to set my username, but could not find my way round it for three weeks. I saw someone on my Facebook page who has already done his. So, guess what I did? I posted a request asking him how to do it, and he helped me. How much did I pay? Nothing! He was in my social network. He is 'Toyin Olaleye  wonderful guy.

    Are you thinking of starting a business and wondering where to start?

    It is all too common for people to nag and say, arrrrggggghhhhhh! No money. 

  3. Mental Block

    Dec 1, 2010

    Finally, I am going to put this writers block to rest. Its been as if I am having Mental health issues, not being able to think straight.  I forget where I kept my stuffs and just get sober for no reason at all. In addition, I could not even write my post for today, Aw! I don’t know if you have ever felt like this before.
    Now, what do I do? I’ve decided to share. This is actually one of the antidotes for breaking any pattern of problem you may be having. So, I am sharing now. I remember in one of my post I wore about not being a superman, yeah I am not one. (mayBe you are)

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