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  1. Mental Block

    Dec 1, 2010

    Finally, I am going to put this writers block to rest. Its been as if I am having Mental health issues, not being able to think straight.  I forget where I kept my stuffs and just get sober for no reason at all. In addition, I could not even write my post for today, Aw! I don’t know if you have ever felt like this before.
    Now, what do I do? I’ve decided to share. This is actually one of the antidotes for breaking any pattern of problem you may be having. So, I am sharing now. I remember in one of my post I wore about not being a superman, yeah I am not one. (mayBe you are)

    I am sure some of us will relate with this kind of times. We could even have it in our businesses and trade too. Time that things go so low, that we begin to fear if we will be crushed by the weight of the problem. Or you are working on that report, but can’t find the right word to use (***then you go FB hunting or TWITTER)

    But, I am not going to let this writer’s block kill me. I will do something about it. And the first thing I am doing about it, is writing this post. I have been pushing myself too hard. The truth is we produce good stuffs when our mental health is in good shape. (***please tahe good care of your mental head, no overloads pls)

    Just imagine, being in this state, things that get me excited, like watching a child play, reading my favourite blog, posting stuff on twitter and helping people out on facebook, suddenly became a chore, something to be dreaded. This feeling is killing and can just mess someone up. To tell you that I am over it completely is to tell you a lie.

    Have you found yourself in this kind of situation before? Did you ever feel so not into anything that you just want to be alone, left alone and just be as if you never existed? 

    (**can I hear someone saying, you can’t be feeling that way. The truth is, am sure many people feel that way, OVERWHELMED with things)
    What did you do about yours? Lets hear your own version. Share it if you are currently going through it. Let us work through it together.


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    1. Any time i dont feel like doing something that is already a routine ( like my normal routine of getting reports from sites and making random calls to sites....... I take a walk to the beach close to my office and watch the wave of the sea as its building up and coming down in a regular pattern........then, i Clear my mind, fill new ideas into my subconscious mind, Think about new ways of doing things. After spending 30mins at the beach i walk back to the office. By the time am back to my seat and always refreshed and loaded with new practical ways of doing things am currently working on or the ones am planning to embark on.

    2. Great one Maxwell, using nature to clear your mind. may be you could take a picture of that beach and send it to me, so I may use your strategy too, lolz!

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