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  1. Samsung Mobile Nigeria called me a few days back and handed me a review unit of the Samsung GALAXY Tend Lite to examine. The Trend Lite is an Android phone with very basic specifications with impressive battery life.

    The phone is available for sale in the market for N15,000 in NIgeria. What has my experience been with the phone?

    What Impressed me

    For someone who uses a Nokia Lumia 1020 on a day to day basis, I find the Trend Lite to be too small in terms of screen real estate. One thing that impressed me despite the smaller screen estate is the efficacy of the virtual keyboard that supports text prediction.

    This is a phone you can use as your ideal second phone if you are one of those that carry smartphones that the battery won't last more than 4 hours to 6 hours in a day. The battery of this dual SIM phone will last you for a full day.

    This is the phone you want to travel with when going on holiday. You can leave your primary SIM in the phone while you'll still have space for a foreign SIM. Most phones are micro SIM enabled these days (the GALAXY Trend Lite is no exception).

    Some features of the Trend Lite

    The phone will support microSD up 64 GB. You'll have enough room for videos, photos and music. You do not have to burden the 4 GB built in storage where user installed and default apps are stored.

    Do not expect the phone to be snappy and fast as it is a single core phone. This explains the lag I was experiencing while using the phone. The phone is N15,000 after all and there are a host of other sweet spots that are in the phone.

    The phone runs on Android 4.1.2 and is powered by a 1500 mAh battery and a 512 RAM. It is 4 inches in size, with a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels at 223 ppi. To keep things in perspective, the Samsung GALAXY S5 is 2800 mAh battery and 2 GB of RAM, 5.1 inches with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 at 432 ppi. See the comparison? But the Samsung GALAXY S5 is far more expensive (N91,000)

    Phone Calls

    Calls are crystal clear on the phone. Far clearer than call quality on the dual core Infinix Zero from Infinix Mobility. Calls can be received to both SIMs at the same time depending on the settings enabled.


    The phone camera is 3 megapixels. Clearly this is not a phone you can get spectacular photos from. It also lacks camera flash and a dedicated shutter button; you need to hit onscreen shutter button to capture an image.


    I am scoring the phone 5.5/10. The screen should have been made more larger. If they did, they'll have to bump the resolution of the screen and then the price will go up too. Aha!

    Feel free to ask me any question about the phone. I am still going to have it till the end of the week.

    If you find someone asking you what good Android phone they can buy if their budget is between N15,000 and N20,000, you should feel comfortable to recommend the Samsung GALAXY Trend Lite to them. After all, they enjoy the 24 month Smart Care warranty from Samsung as long as they buy the phone from Nigeria or in a country where Samsung Smart Care is offered for the Trend Lite.

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