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  1. As I opened my blogger account this afternoon after a long time, I felt guilty. I have not been actively blogging in the last one year since I started working in digital marketing communication with a smartphone brand. Do I miss it? Yes. Did I really stop writing? No.

    I have written more emails, plan documents, tweets and instant messages in the last one year. If they were to be books, I am sure I would have written four to five books. Yeah. So, I am writing this article to tell myself that there is no reason for me to feel guilty. Aha!

    I have also not been reading books actively on my Kindle. I read blog posts, the Bible and emails. I think I can do better and start reading actively again. Then I might have more motivations to update this blog a lot more.

    At the moment, I still enjoy using gadgets and reviewing them--but they are limited to just one brand. I have an iPhone, TECNO Camon C8, C9, C7 and BOOM J8 at the moment. Of all these devices, I am enjoying the C9 more as I can shoot awesome photos with it.

    I have grown so much in my career in the last one year. It has been the most rewarding for me. I got to travel through Ethiopia to China and then visited five Nigerian cities by road taking pictures with the TECNO Camon C9. Very rewarding adventure.

    Plus I got married last year, yes. I had no big expectations of marriage--I simply married my friend and it has contributed to my growth.

    I am at a crossroad now as to what this blog should be about going forward. But as with my life, I will let serendipity be the guide and if you are with me, I will certainly be updating this blog a lot more.

    You can follow me on Twitter: JesseOguns

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