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  1. Getting Things Done

    May 14, 2012

    to do list

    I have fallen victim to the to do list many times. I know there are many people who are fans of to do list. I am a fan too. I recently tried something else than increased my output which I’d like to share with you.

    Creating a to do list and stocking it up can be overwhelming. Looking at a long list of things you need to do before the end of the day. As you move from one task to the other, the list seems to grow longer. It will be very difficult to focus on the task at hand when your mind is busy imagining the long list of things you still need to check off.

    What did I start doing differently?

    Rather than stock my day with a long list of items on my to do list, I will write the to do list, but pick three to four items than I can comfortably focus on and get it over with. I have found that with the passage of time, the amount of guilt I feel over not having a well stocked up to do list has reduced and I am getting more done.

    As I have often told myself and I agree is the truth, it is never done. I don’t know anyone who ever finishes a day’s job in that day. the Job is never finished. There would always be something extra to add and to do. Why not focus on the high priority tasks and move with those?

    It is better to do three things out of ten very well than to do the whole ten in a shoddy manner.

    How do you use your to do list? Please share with me in the comments.

    Photo: Credit JD'na, Flickr


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