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  1. There are things technology can and cannot do. The truth is that technology itself does not enable anything. It is the way people use it to connect with and solve problems that makes technology valid. Remove the people in technology, what you'd have will be a matrix-like kind of machine that seeks to control humans.

    When you are bored what do you do? You seek for a connection. How? Some seek this kind of connection in books, music, movie or other forms of arts and entertainments. Think about it for a while; does art make itself? People create art based on their interpretation of their experiences and environment. The kinds of art and entertainment you like draw you closer to your own kind of people.

    Why do you think that Ad agencies when creating ads do not just display the products, but also include pictures of people? We connect with people not things. We don't buy things just because they are lovely, we buy them because the help us share same experience with the people we admire and cherish.

    A baby picks and iPad and sees the picture of a bird or a particular kind of animal and wants to touch it and play with it. You can use Google Earth on your computer to see the Aerial view of some places you have never been to. A documentary on National Geography shares the story of people in sub-saharan Africa with you. Behind all these is the use of different forms of technology. The contents so created are conceived and created by people, not so?

    The next time you extol the worth of technology, remember that tech is only as useful as the people who choose to create an experience, art or solution with it. Until a particular tech can connect hearts, souls and people, it is still vain.

    What do you think?


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