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  1. Haven spent some time on twitter, I decided to make a check and re-evaluate how I was doing. What I found was shocking. This made me to decide on Killing twitter (post would come up later) #kt21. What did I find? How did I go about killing twitter?
    1, I sleep with my blackberry.
    2, I wake up at night, and find myself tweeting or twittering,
    3, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see something cool is to twitter about it (it may even be so vain)

  2. The (R)evolution has started.

    Prospects and customers are changing the way they relate, consume and share media content. It is only wise for businesses and brands to ask; ‘where are my prospects and customers, and how can I design an experience to suit their lifestyle? According to how Brian Solis puts it in his recent blog post ‘for many years a quiet riot assembled until whispers amplified into cries for change.’ What quiet riot is he talking about?
    The disruption in the way we consume media content was caused by social sharing. Social sharing has often been the norm here in Africa, as we usually live communal life. Social is not a new concept. What is however new is the medium via which we socialise or relate.

  3. location based services

    “I don’t use anything (any location based service) and in my humble opinion it is of no value to us Africans due to lack of GPS phones and no business model.” ~ Emeka Okoye, Sofware engineer. (Mobile)

    I present to you my findings on location based service

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