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  1. The (R)evolution has started.

    Prospects and customers are changing the way they relate, consume and share media content. It is only wise for businesses and brands to ask; ‘where are my prospects and customers, and how can I design an experience to suit their lifestyle? According to how Brian Solis puts it in his recent blog post ‘for many years a quiet riot assembled until whispers amplified into cries for change.’ What quiet riot is he talking about?
    The disruption in the way we consume media content was caused by social sharing. Social sharing has often been the norm here in Africa, as we usually live communal life. Social is not a new concept. What is however new is the medium via which we socialise or relate.

    As a fisherman, it would be a futile effort on my part to keep toiling all day and all night in a region where there are no fishes. The wise thing for me to do would be to ask a good question: ‘where are the fishes?’ and they go there. Many businesses are yet to awake to the fact that, it is the end of business as usual. The Fishes determines where the fisherman would throw its net.

    Consumers do not spend so much time in from of cable TV as much. This morning while on my mobile phone connecting and working on twitter. I got a feed that Nate Dogg is dead (a rapper). Why not on TV? Some may actually see it on TV, the next thing they would do is tweet about it, or search to find out what others are already saying about it online, thereby joining the online global conversation.

    How can businesses profit from this knowledge?

    Since the signal is clear that this is the end of business as usual. It is vital you do the following

    Find out: where is your market and where do they spend their time?
    It is very likely they are using social media in one form or the other, on their computer, mobile phone, Tablet computer or any other smart device that is connected to the internet.

    Decide what your goal is.
    It is important you know what your goal is. Do not jump on the band wagon and start doing social media marketing just because it is the cool thing to do or because your competitors are doing it. You social media marketing goal would help you when you need to measure the success of the campaign.

    Connect with them on the social media platforms they use.
    When you connect with them, it would give you insight into how they think and the things that gets them excited. Who cares about you? They only care about how your service and product can make them feel and look. It is important you listen too.

    Use the Knowledge you have derived to design the experience that would interest them and they can become your raving fan or community. It is this principle that a company like apple uses. As related by  Pam More in here recent blog post, Apple knows who their audience is. ‘They know how we work, play, and listen to music.’

    It is also important to note that, till now, no one knows exactly the best way to make social media work. There is no social media pro or jedi yet. If I were asked who is the social media jedi? I would say it is the customer. Like the old saying that says the customer is king, it is still valid. No one size fit it all. The social media solution that would produce result for company ‘A’ may be different from that of company ‘B.’

    Should you hire someone or should you do it yourself?

    If your budget is very small and you are just beginning, it would not be advisable for you to spend so much yet. May be you could go for they DIY (do it yourself) of social media marketing. There are blogs online that offer valid information on using social media as a marketing tool. Check out archives, you would see some resources. You could also check Brian Solis, Mashable Linkedmediagroup  and some others stuffs online.

    If you are already spending on traditional form of media, there may be need for you to take a critical look at the ROI you generate from it. It may be high time you integrate social media marketing into it.
    It is better to do social media marketing for the right reason, and not because you want to feel cool or join the band wagon.

    Are you evolving with the revolution or are you still doing business as usual?

    Do you think doing it yourself is better than consulting with an experience social media consultant?

    Please drop a comment below and let’s discuss the article. Please retweet.


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