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  1. Haven spent some time on twitter, I decided to make a check and re-evaluate how I was doing. What I found was shocking. This made me to decide on Killing twitter (post would come up later) #kt21. What did I find? How did I go about killing twitter?
    1, I sleep with my blackberry.
    2, I wake up at night, and find myself tweeting or twittering,
    3, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see something cool is to twitter about it (it may even be so vain)
     4, I twitter during service (in front of God) please forgive me.
    5, I rant when I can’t have access to twitter, like a very big thing has been taken from me
    7, When with other people, I can hardly get away without talking about twitter
    8, I have a book am reading, I haven't finished it, but I would rather be tweetering
    9, I do not have a favorite programme on TV anymore.
    10, Its been a long time since I hanged out with my friend
    11, The moment you tell me you are on twitter, and love twitter, I fall in love with you immediately.
    12, I check my phone every now and then
    13 I hate Facebook and hardly go there
    14, I am defensive when you call me a twitter addict
    15, I tweet on several applications at once; tweetdeck, hootsuit, seesmic, socialscope, twitter for web, twitter for blackberry, snaptu, ubbersocial, :: all at once. Sometimes, I am tweeting on two phone plus my PC.

    Imagine how sorry that picture is. I had to put an effort to conquer twitter before in buries me under.
    What I did was to Kill twitter with a 21-day programme.   

    I have a post am writing on this. I would publish in soon. But before then, do you think you are currently a twitter addict? 

    Is it good for you or bad?

    Have you fought with this addiction in the past? How did you overcome it?


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