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  1. Failure; a bad Omen?

    Apr 10, 2011

    I've (almost) never seen someone fail while relaxing on a couch watching TV. Take Risks! - HBRchat

    The best way not to fail is to venture at nothing. Anyone who ventures at a task or project should be ready to fail. Permit me to ask; why do we often view failure as a bad omen?

    It is the last day of the #Failureweek celebrated by the puttylike community. this is my own contribution to the #Failure week.

    My personal story of failure

    I went to university and studied Education physics. I am supposed to end up in the classroom teaching Physics. As soon as i graduated i found out that my passion is in Technology and Sales. I also found out that I have multiple interests which I would love to develop into my life Manifesto. One step at a time, I would pick an interest and follow through.

    What makes it an epic fail is that I spent teeeen (10) full years getting  the degree. I live in Lagos, West Africa, and the educational system is plagued by incessant strikes. It is supposed to have lasted for 4 years, but ended in 10 years. You see why it is an epic fail.

    Fasforward to Now

    I am now training as a Digital marketer and strategist, while blogging on my love for mobile technology at Mobilitynigeria. I am having fun doing it. I am glad to tell you I am far from perfect, as I am still failing. I love to take risks.

    (updated) :: Failure opens the door way to innovation. When we play it safe we may not be able to discover something novel and unique.

    Just as the opening quote puts it, you cannot fail while sitting (idle) in front of the TV. Go on and  fail forward. Do not view failure as a bad omen. No ones succeeds without failing.

    Let us take the Social web marketing for example. There are a lot of self acclaimed experts. Some of them simply recommend tools they enjoy using without testing to see which would work best for a customer's business. I have noted personally that, testing, failing and re-testing a particular method leads to the ahaa! moment, when you discover what would work for your kind of business.

    The Fact of the matter is, their is no one size fit all in social web marketing. What works for me and my prospective market may not work for yours, plus, there are also variables that alter the result of our social web marketing campaign.

    What is your own spectacular failure story?

    Did it lead you to any innovation?I would like to hear it in the comment section, lets rob minds.

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