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  1. If you’re not sure who you are and why you are like that, someone who knows who he is and why he’s like that can toss you here and there. – Jesse


    It has been a week of test and failing for me. I just finished celebrating failure week last week, and now I have just been hit by another one. What? 

    First,  let me tell you about slashers. Take a look at my twitter bio, you would see something like; marketing with web and mobile/love photography. I trimmed my bio to have only two slashes after reading Mars Dorian’s post. Slashers are folks who have multiple interests and are not afraid to pursue all of them, instead of resigning to a single labeling. we have a community at Emilie’s blog

    The Big question is, what about Mars’ post that made me change my mind? Here is a quote from Mars’ blog;
    There’s one thing that’s bothering me lately, and I see it EVERYWHERE nowadays. I see it on Facebook accounts, Twitter profiles and about pages. I see it in email signatures and tweets. It’s making me want to vomit in my mouth, and it’s keeping YOU away from success.
    What ?
    It’s a terrible description that more and more people give themselves.
    It goes like this:
    I’m a writer / entrepreneur / traveler / consultant / designer and blogger.
    That’s the sound of shooting yourself in the foot.
    You know what this tells me ? That YOU suck at each and everyone of them !
    It happened that, I was not the only one that was hit by his blog post. However, we all responded differently. In my own case, I almost denied my tribe as a Slasher or Multipotentialite (The word that describe people with multiple interests). I said  to myself, come on! Mars is darn right. That was why I changed my bio. Until I came across Emilie’s response – SLASHERS UNITE!! in my tweet feed. She expressed how she loves Mars’ creativity and passion, but went on to state that Mar's does not just get it in this case simply because he’s not a Multipotentialite but of the SPECIALIST Tribe.
    In her post she also referred to a post by Bakey Lawley - How to be More Creative by Being a Slasher, which is another response to Mars post. This is what Baker Said;
    I love Mars Dorian. I always feel kicked into gear by his writing. I’ve never met him, we’ve never emailed (yet), but this time his post really got in my craw.
    Believing you have also checked out Mars’ post. This is my own response.
    My Take
    The idea of doing a single thing for the rest of my life just suck. being labeled with a single Title is almost impossible, why? I have multiple interest. This is the characteristic of may Slashers. While it is true that some of us find it a great challenge to prioritize and manage out multiple interests, it is not a sign that we should look for a single career to be engaged in. If  a Slasher by nature does that s(he) would never be fulfilled and satisfied.
    it is also worthy to not that, not all people are slashers. I also want to say the reason Mars must have written that way is because he’s not a slasher/Multipotentialite. The puttlylike community exists for anyone who is having a struggle with Balancing his/her multiple interests. If you take your time to follow Emilie’s blog, you would found out time and again how she emphasizes the fact that if you have multiple interest, a manifesto can help you to do all you want to do in life. I would encourage you to download her free e-book The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto.
    I am sure the reason why I was initially disturbed by Mars’ post was because my confidence in being a slasher was low, and I couldn’t afford to stay away from the crowd. I am decided to keep sticking it with my tribe. 
    I am proud to be a slasher. SLASHERS UNITE!!!!!
    Did you read Mars post yet? what is your own take?
    Do you think you are equally having a challenge balancing your multiple interest? what is your challenge?
    If you find the post interesting please share it.
      P.S. I still love Mars. The Windows live Writer I am using to edit this blog post was recommended by him. He still kicks ass at what he does, he’s just not of our tribe. Winking smile

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