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  1. thomas two

    Sometimes when we see privacy instructions before being allowed to use a service (terms of service), we never read them, we just accept. Knowing fully that these stuffs play a huge role, you should take some time and update your knowledge, Know your inter web meme.  

    The Internet is an open medium for sharing, leaning and innovating. The Internet or Inter-web is a platform to build a lot of things. Since its birth many things have changed in the society.


    How long would it take you to send an application to a foreign university the days before Internet? It is possible I am asking the wrong question, as some youths were born during the Internet surge or after it.

    During those periods we had few early adopters, especially since most of us were accessing the Internet via an Internet cafe. There were those using Xanga Blog, later came Blogger blog. These platforms provided opportunity for networking too. 

    I was not so technologically inclined during those periods. So I never had any Blog, My first Blog was Just last year.

    FAST forward to now

    The story is all different now. We are so engaged on the inter-web that it is important we ask some salient questions and find answers to them.

    * What do I exposed myself to when I tweet, post pictures, or send status updates on Facebook or other social networks?

    *How can I guide and secure myself when using the Internet or the inter-web?

    *What is web 1.0 web 2.0, web 3.0?

    Web 1.0

    Web 1.0 - search, get data but limited interactivity; 

    I guess during that period many of us were not using Internet yet. I remember it was the days of AOL, AltaVista et'al

    Web 2.0

    2.0 - real identities real relationships; 

    That is where we are now. People are comfortable to use their real names and identities to sign on for on-line stuffs. We connect on social media platform and interact, collaborate, innovatie and lots more.

    Web 3.0

    3.0 - real identities generating massive amounts of data 

    We are moving on to this Level now - Web 3.0. We are at the entrance of it. this is the point where extra caution is needed with the kind of data you are sharing especially as Privacy laws aren't strong yet (that would protect the data's that are being mined).

    One thing that worries me is the amount of illiteracy that exists with those who use the social web, smart-phones and the inter-web. Many do not know the amount of data they are volunteering and what the companies mining those data's are using it for.

    I recently found out that, some of the apps that we install on our smart-phones collect private data from our phone, e.g. of data collected are Phone number, location, e-mail address, sex, etc.

    Sometimes we are asked to fill our names, e-mail address, phone number, language, marital status, sexuality and so on. These data are collected and stored away on their own Data base. Do you know that?

    An article I was just reading online now at WSJ (WallStreet Journal)  spoke of how application developers are stealing data. 

    Did you know that using third party application or certain services on the web was exposing you?

    When you take a hike, having fun using the different apps and social media, take some time to click on some of those links you see and update your knowledge. We are entering web 3.0. get prepared get ready.

    How much are you exposed?

    What would you like to learn about the internet and web technology that wasn’t mentioned?

    What do you think we should expect from web 3.0 especially as developing countries?


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