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  1. When less means more

    Dec 19, 2010

    “When I was 16, I wanted more, when I was 24, I wanted even more than that, so I worked harder...” This is an excerpt from a post I read at ZenHabits of Leo Babauta.

     ***I can be really clumsy sometimes*** working to resolve it though.

    I read this at a time I was thinking about writing this post, When Less Means More. I have actually been thinking about my quest in life as an entrepreneur with lot of latent abilities. Then, I started to ponder; ‘do those who have so much, actually leave a more impactful and rewarding life?’ Am sure the answer is nope.

    So, many people who did not have much turned the world around, and they are still remembered. If you want to create impact, it may help you to see how having less can help you achieve that.

    Jesus did not have a house or a company.

    Mandela, fought for freedom of South Africa from the prison.

    Victor Frankl, affected the study of psychotherapy, and did most of his work when he had little provisions.

    The truth is the Less you have, the more you can focus on your life mission and goals.

    ***many of the rich is not letting him sleep sound***

    ***sweet is the sleep of the one of little means***

    I am by no means encouraging poverty or laziness, all I am saying is:

    • streamline your life pursuits and see how living on less can help you to focus on more important things. Those things that when you’ll be by your dying bed, you’d be glad you spent your life doing them.

    How many of us would be glad, why dying to look back and see that he/she has spent lots of his life and time at work? Or spent spend so much time chasing wealth, while family and our loved ones could not enjoy us?

    This is #FoodForThought.

    It is okay to build that mansion and the big company, but ask yourself, what are you sacrificing?

    ***I am going to hang out with my girl friend this week, I have been spending too much time working and trying to build a business. I don’t want to live a life I’d regret tomorrow. 

    Thanks to Leo Babatua, he constantly churns out articles on surviving on less. You might want to check him out.

    What has been your own challenge it your quest in life?

    Have you been tied down with so much?

    What have you done in the past to reduce your attachment to owning things, lots of things which may be draining your energy?

    I’d like to hear from you. Drop your comment here. If you find it interesting, please help promote this piece by sharing on facebook or tweeting about it.


  2. 2 comments:

    1. Anonymous said...

      Reading this in the early hours of d morning is inspiring. Less is needed. Yeah focusing on 'the important' things makes life easier to live. But ask yourself, what are realy 'the important' things?

    2. Anonymous said...

      The issue in life is doing what has never been done..i've tried it out, and it seems 2 work, be happy at whatever u do, and expect 2 b d best at it..and remember..WHERE D SMELL OF FAILURE IS EXTINCT, D SCENT OF VICTORY CHOKES D AIR.....

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