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  1. I have been  on the trail of twitter for a while
    now. Exploring the new media, who is getting what right,
    and how individual and businesses can plug in and start

    Most of the cool things I have learn and discovered in the last
    two month, in the final part of last month was from #twitter. 
    My learning curve has since then grown.

    I am an explorer just as calls me.
    My exploration on twitter and social media as a whole has bore
    a lot of good fruits. More to that, it has accelerated the pace of my 

    I have met and connected with great people. It provided me
    with A Lab, Guinea pigs and Guinea pig platforms, to test and retest 
    my adventures. Many of the things I have seen and learnt in the past are
    now making a lot of sense. I have seen the value in building social capital
    as against trying to look for a God father, or as we use to call it in Enugu; 
    'Nma ma Du" meaning man know man.

    I can not gauge or quantify the excitement. The excitement and volume
    of things I am thus learning, however, has stated to pose some challenge to
    me. They have constituted noise in my head. Focus has now become a thing
    of challenge. But I will figure it out, I will reduce the noise to just one voice.

    I think I will blog for the fun of blogging. I like to pick up my pen and write stuufs, un-edited,
    without any strict rules or borders, able to connect and engage with an audience that like
    and cherish freedom, that person might be you. (If you are welcome). 
    Those things are me,  they are my life, my fun and my work. It is done allmost effeortlessly.

    Although I do them effortlessly, I still grow out of my comfort zone and learn new things, things
    I have not done or try to do before. I use to be more comfortable writing wit my pen and note book.
    This was suppose to be a mail I am sending to myself so that i could read this article later.
    Now what would I call this article????  

    Guess I will leave it blank. It is My solution to the noise in my head.

    Tagged: Noise in my head reduced to a single voice.

    To better enjoy this blog
    I'd encourage you to sign in for a google account and use  your gmail Id to comment.*nice to know you*

    Make your comment count and drop it here. please Share and Tweet. That is
    your contribution and a way to encourage me.

    I will check in with the comments and respond.

  2. 2 comments:

    1. Emilie said...

      Hi Jesse,

      I'm glad you managed to motivate yourself to create. Keep it up man. The only way to grow and progress is through experience.

      Happy new year!

    2. @emilie,

      Thanks for the support and love. I am going to keep acting on the Idea one at a time and chronicle my adventure here. it would help quite some people, I think.

      Lots of love.

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