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    Jan 6, 2011

    Advanced Riskology

    Some rules and laws makes me sick sometimes. Why follow them when you can have fun all the way. Learning is what happens to us when we are having fun. af you tried, leaning when you are feeling bored? O wole ti ni ajah (pun intended, just learned that)

    Hmm! What shall I say. *u can ga'an get pop corn, alomoBitter or coffee* ny one wey be your brand. Because this post on my blog is dedicated to my Naija Twifammily, una tight die.

    Talk of UnCommon creativity, straight to the point, witty, free, beutyLicious, downtoEarth, mature, I can like to write the description of these (twipple) unique set of people from now till forever.

    This people on twitter, the naijaChicks and dudes, dem no dey dull at all. Le'me start.

    *writing this article from a phone in a Jankoriko bus on my way to Ojodu and back to unilag, na biz+fun*
    I started twitter, as in sign in May/July 2010. *thank God (IwantToThank ***insert the name yourself*** for bringing Twirrer to naija) for twitter. I for still dey find* sorry le'me speak English* I would af still been/being looking for a job. After working with a Telecomms COY, after NYSC in March #2010, I started of on my own, selling #UniversalModem for internet and communication solution to individuals and businesses. It gives me money for my internet and mobileTech exploration.

    It's God that maketh it, its not my might. I was able to get a lapTop *borrowed moneyn but af payed back* and Internet connection. Eventually got a nokia phone and discovered how fun tweeting on the move can be. *now am typing this post woth my a phone , Oluwa don bless me... 10/10 shikenah. But what am saying is my xploration through the web especially twitter has increase the depth of my mind and the reach of my network.

    I started my own blog too, about July 2010. Despite the fact that I din't have writing skills. (if you read my first post you will notice the improvement) I din't have training as a writer, neither have I written much. Although I wrote an article themed: Entrpreneurship the open door in NYSC editorial mag in ENUGUn where I served.

    My love for mobile took me to MobilityNigeria for some information, and today I guess blog there and I am also a member of the MobilityNigeria Team. #TwitterLeverage


    *From where you are and where you want to be is adventure, fun, challenges, and more. Get your hand dirty now and start doing something. No bird dies while in flight. As long as the bird can use its wings to fly, it would get food.

    *engage in risky behaviours that won't take your life. Like buying a Laptop with your lifesaving, because you need it to plan your move. Speak to a prospective ally who can team up with you, even if it seem you'll get a no. *am getting down from the bus now tbc*

    Ctd... (got down from a bus... now typing on the road, bad habit. I won't do it again. but you do it too, yes you)

    Sometimes when am asked what I do, I can't just say; will I say twitterTeacher, internetBusiness man, or what? The convo always end in a very long sentence I use to bambozoo the person asking me.

    Faaaaasssstttt forward to taday 6th Jan #2010. I can tell you what I do: am a DigitalManiac an IncurableConnector, a NewMedia Enthusiast, blogger and Business Development Partner. Work with individuals and Businesses to use New media and the digital sphere to spread their Influence. Gbam!

    Am still living my life and enjoy the exploration. The good thing is Twitter helped me connect with the right people who have Impacted me.

    You can like want to invite me to your conference or Company to share my story, and help you deploy Social/New Media for your Biz.

    Thanks for reading.

    If you have any question for me type them in the comment below. I will come back and answer it here.

    To contact me, use the contact form in the about+contact page.

    Please RT and post/Share on FB.
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