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  1. There are three things I think you will almost always not want to live the house without.

    *Your Wallet (or money)
    *Your House Key
    *Your phone

    The Mobile Phone which became Popular in Nigeria from 2001 has become part of our culture. Doest it happen to you sometimes, you are looking for the TV remote and you feel like flashing it. May be they should start building sims (micro sims) into remote controls. *evil laugh* (hope MTN is reading this post, free Idea).

    The trend is not about our mobile phones being almost indispensable, But majority of us now carry phones that have multimedia features and that can do basic internet operations like social media (facebook and Twitter - though many people still do not know how twitter works). If companies are good at listening, they should be able to develop services, products and platforms that would interact effectively with the way we live an interact. This would have been a long post, but I will brake it into two. Most of our readers here are lovers of gadget. We also have new sets of readers who are normobs, but enjoy coming here to inteact. so I will keep it brief.

    There is this strategy that can make a product go viral. If from conception, the idea is targeted at a group of people that share similar interest (culture -inserted during editing) and can be made to adopt the product or service. These are the principle used by COY who introduce a beta version of their paid service. They select an influencial and core group of people who are wired to a network or mavens who people depend on for expert opinion (Yomi is a maven on MobilePhones)

    Finding this set of people are easier with #SocialNetwork sites. There are Apps and third party apps that can be used to locate these people. Conductiing a search on twitter could prove beneficial too.

    These set of people who help make idea get to tipping point are called #ConnectorsMalcolm Gladwell spoke about them in his Book (Tipping Point *Ask me for the book, I have it in stock, I'd mail it to you, or you can buy it from AmazonStore). In that loop we have a second group called #Maven, these are people who are very skilled in a particular thing, they may not know much people, but they are experts and their experts opinion are highly sort after. EG: Yomi of MobilityNigeria is a Maven on MobilePhones* 

    The third set of people who help ideas spread or go Viral are #SalesPeople. They are the ones who does the persuation. They persuade people to get a product, use a service or adopt an ideaology, by dispelling their fears and doubts.

    *see me writing without outlines* may be the rule of writing says you must write with an outline, but I hate rules* (no pun intended)

    If you can strategically identify these three groups of people and design a product or service round them, it would be a hit/tip (Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell)

    There's this second rule: rule of 150. I donkt know who invented it, but it sure works. If you must have friends in your network on FB let it be 150 unique connections. You cannot handle anything more than that. *you might like go'an google that 150 rule* same for Twitter. Check your networks, offline, twitter, FB, LinkedIn, do you keep in touch with more than 150 people.

    How to use this rule of 150 for #ViralMarketing

    Get up to 150 people together, unique 150, plan a service or product round them. Let them include the three sets of people according to Malcolm; #Mavens, #Connectors and #SalesPeople. Inject some strategic planning into it and you'd see how the idea would get to Tipping Point. (give it a time line to tip)

    This rules are already been deployed and works wonders already, so you're getting it free from MbilityNIgeria. Go'an use it and thank me later. You may want to invite me to work with your team to implement the idea.


    I am involved in #AdvancedRiskology, if you are not certified in #AdvancedRiskology, Get in touch we would walk you through the rudiments.

    If you are a company reading this, use the comment box to ask any question as to how you can deploy this methodology, the comments and the answers you will get are free.

    If you are an individual, the next article (part 2) would be on, how you can Build Strong social networks that would earn you Social currency. 

    Be mobile, think Mobile, and have a phone filled day. use the comment box below let me know what you think.

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