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  1. Showing the number of Nigerians on facebook

    I just posted on my facebook status that I would be offering a one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies that would want to use new media to re-position and re-imagine their brand. This is a very crucial year for businesses. The boys would be separated from the men. 

    Most businesses use the old system of spreading message about their business, here I will call it the traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and bill boards). The New Media is the new and the proactive way businesses should be done. why would you do things the way you have always done it, if it is not yielding desired result? It would be better to change strategy. In this case their is a need to move from Traditional Media to New Media. 

    What is New media? 

    According to Wikipedia, "New Media is the "democratization" of the creation, publishing, distribution and consumption of media content." it  is so new and fleeting that many people develop cold feet when they are told about  it, and how it can help their business. New media is broad and it includes, digital online videos like Youtube, Social medias (Facebook and twitter, although some argue that twitter is not a social network), podcasting, webcasting, webminar, online dictionary and informative sites like Wikipedia and lots more. The list is huge. 

    before I start confusing you with semantics here, put simply, its the new way to display your service or content in from of prospective users and customers. why? how?


    it is estimated that the the number of people on facebook is now 600billion world wide, and according to Webs Trend Nigeria as at February 2010, the number of Nigerians have passed one million. I just checked the actual number from facebook, it is 2,325,940. (you will find the screen shot attached to this post). I have not yet mentioned that of twitter, those on Nairaland are equally much 519,240 (at the time of this report) and growing everyday. Those who are creating networks now have the strongest force to create change trough mass critical mass action. you can read about how the alliance can work for product and service development here

    The HOW

    this is where I come in. I am a new media crusader, I fire up entrepreneurs and businesses, show them how new media can help create a leverage for them.
    New media, as the name implies is new, and a lot of people have not gotten a hang of it, let alone know the strategy behind it. I have started my crusade since July 2010. Now I am set to assist the first set of people F R E E, yes, you wont pay me. 

    QUALIFICATION: why you should grab this offer.

    Well, I have my first degree in Education physics, my certificate still lie in my school, so you are likely not to see it. But since that is part of Traditional media, if you google (type my name in google) my name, you would find my digital tracks and certificate. (my best certificate are the people am working with and the impact am creating online through my blog,)

    I am currently on the team of MobilityNigeria, providing business support especially from the angle of new media. you can begin to see the power I have to help you out. I also have the support of MobilityNigeria in helping you derive maximum benefit from the one-on-one coching.

    WHAT to do now

    To signify interest and sign up for the free one-on-one coaching, send a mail with the title: New Media Alliance, and tell me briefly why you need the coaching to

    It would be done virtually, using new media tools, like Text messaging, Instant messaging (yahoo msg, gTalk, BBM or WhatsApp) hurry and book your place now, 100% F R E E.

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