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  1. A moment ago someone tweeted the above question--should I buy a Nokia E6. The response from someone was, it's outdated. Whaaaaaat???

    The issue isn't if Nokia is outdated or not, but with the question and the answer. Let me make it clearer.

    There's no perfect phone for all. Even when you think you have that perfect device, you'd wish for one more thing that is missing in it. That said, I think the questioner has needs and also have a budget. The question should have been;

    "I have a budget of $, I need a phone that does.... Is an E6 fine?"

    Who is qualified to answer? Someone who has used the phone and can explain how the needs of the prospective buyer can be met by the device.

    The next time you see such question--Is a Nokia E6 a good phone, ask a further question--what would your ideal phone be able to do? Or something similar.

    By the way I have had a Nokia E6 with me since Monday, for trial, by WOMWorldNokia. I am putting together my review and it will be up on when I am done.

    I am not a geek, but I love mobile phones as a means of work and play. My current device is the Nokia E71. I am looking forward to purchase the E6, hence the trial. You can check my post later.

    How would you have answered the above question?


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