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  1. It's been a while I took out time to write on my blog. The blog is a journey of discovery. I have been having some thoughts lately and it has generated more questions.

    The harder the question the deeper I dig to the heart of men and mine.

    The events in the past few weeks have generated converstions and comments. Some I have participated in, while I only look & listen on while the debate goes on with the rest.

    First, Of ART and MONEY

    Beauty is in a work of art. Artists take delight in creating work of beauty. How easy is it for a true artist who is spured to create, but limited by the quest for survival -- *Ki la ma je*?

    So I asked can you be true to your art and still be a successful business paerson? When art meet with a desire to generate money, what happens?

    Or perhaps I should ask, what should be the core motivation for creating a work of art?

    I asked the question on twitter and I got a response - art is good, but use your head. Show me the money, a lady responded.

    I love to write on this blog to share lessons I have learned and improve my work as a communicator via writing and teaching. Then on the other hand, I have to make a decent living. I can stay completely true to my art and make it relevant. This is the chore -- figuring out the ideal audience for my work of heart.

    When Art and money meets there is battle. If you're involved in a work of art, I would like to know how you mearge the two.

    Not all who stay true to their art make enough money from it. Some are torn between staying true to their art or finding out what the people are ready to pay for. You can tie the two together.

    With the Nigeria youths, entertainment is huge. If you can build entertainment into your work of art you're more likely to catch their attention. What will help is define your ideal market -- that requires work. [I am working on a series on how to target the ideal and paying customers]

    I have written this post not to teach, but to share what I have been pondering about, to open a discussion. I would like your contribution in the comments let me see how you are managing your art with the need to earn money, stay relevant and still enjoy your work.


    Please share with your friends.


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