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  1. Diclosure: I just joined Mobility Nigeria officially. I have been an unofficial member for while, contributing article and comments. I am now working as a partner to increase value for the users and those who have valuable service for the community.


    How do you feel when you go online to search for information and you get the result you're looking for on the first page of Google? Great, right? Sometimes you may have to sort through irrelevant information before arriviing at the relevant one..

    When it comes to mobile phones, mobile tech news, startups and other mobile industry news worthy items, don't go so far, Mobility Nigeria brings it to you door step.

    Our Pride

    Our pride and edge include but not limited to:

    1. The growing community of mobile and tech lovers. I was just reading through the short report of the new update on Nokia's Symbian Anna when I notice something I have always known. Members of the community where helping each other arrive at a solution. It's a place you can come for information and be rewarded with some nice friends always ready to help.

    2. We have over 1,000 published article and counting. Searching through our achives will definitely yield some treasure to you. Let me know if there's something you're looking for but has not been written about we'd bring it to you.

    3. We are working to grow the strenght of the community and the richness of our offering. If you interact with our favourite readers, they would tell you how they've seen improvements over time, and we're not stopping yet.

    There are more, but this is not a sales pitch. Why not go over to and see for yourself. [you can also follow us on twitter htttp://]

    By the way, mobile is getting bigger and bigger. If you'd like to be updated on how to use mobile devices and applications to make you work and live simplier and smarter, Mobility Nigeria is the place to be.

    While relaxing this Sunday you can enjoy some of our past write ups. Feel free to write personally to me if there's anything you'd like to know or share [].


    Due to my new appointment I may be writing less here. But I will always take my time to keep sharing relevant information for SMEs and startup entrepreneurs as I have always shared in the past. Thanks for your support.


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