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    “A group of marketers talking about social media ROI is a lot like a group of 7th graders talking about sex: everyone talks about it, but no one has ever done it nor does anyone have the slightest idea how.” ~ Argyle social

    “Don’t talk unless it improves silence” ~ Buddha

    “Your audience would fight you, but your community would defend you.” ~Social fresh conference

    “If you can’t do copy and paste, don’t engage in Social media marketing.”

    These were some of the “tweet away” quotes I got from Social fresh conference in Tampa, Florida (USA). It was a conference packed with fire and an audience that was ready to learn how to take their brands and businesses to the next level using social media marketing.

    You want to ask if I was there. Yes, I was. But, I joined virtually, via twitter stream. Now I present to you the juices I got from the conference. The conference answers some of the questions I have, that I am sure you have too about using social media as a marketing tool and how to measure the ROI, yes ROI!!!

    I can’t do justice to a two day conference in a single post, but I would give you the best “tweet away” (take away). Lets ((((((goooo))))))

    Facebook analytics with Chris Penn

    Chris Penn held me spell bound with his presentation. He was able to reveal that if you do not use referral tracking in PPC (pay per click) you are wasting your money. With Google analytics you can do that. It would allow you to track you PPC campaign.

    One point I like from his presentation was when he spoke about the way you treat the evangelist. You need t o take care of your raving fans and those who take your message out to others. These people also have strong following and influence on social media.

    To calculate ROI on your social media marketing campaign, time spent on the marketing should be factored in. You need to calculate how each hour used for social media would cost by  using the formula; ROI = earned – spent/spent. For a sample of the calculation and other points mentioned by Chris go for his full slide at

    Sharing content on Facebook by Ellie Mirman

    What shocked me about her presentation was when she said 1 in 500 updates makes it to the feed of your fans (does who like your mage L) shocking right! You would agree to this, it is obvious you don’t see all posts from all the pages you have liked it the past except the ones you interact with often, not so?

    It can be very volatile measuring your success with social media and deciding what works and what does not work. So, there is a general agreement, as long as it is social media marketing, try it and fix it as you go, you audience response would help you to refine your strategy.
    These were the two presentations I found very captivating. I have started using the things I learned already. You can immediately start using it too J.
    How have you been promoting your brand via social media? (Facebook, twitter email marketing)
    If you find this interesting, please drop a comment, share and connect with me on twitter @jesseoguns.  J


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    1. Anonymous said...

      Very nice quotes you included. I agree, there was alot of information, but I think it's important to take away things we can directly apply to our individual brands, etc.

    2. Jesse said...

      Thanks for dropping by Scott.

      that's a good point, we can apply the take away in out niche industry. What works in a B2B may not work for a B2C or for a small scale business.

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