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  1. picture source: google images.

    Yesterday, I was called a twitter addict by my team mates . Same team,
    I inspired to see the value of twitter and it is gradually growing the

    I wonder if my loving and sharing my bed with twitter is canal, you
    tell me. 

    Just saw a tweet now. A lady is talking about her twitter
    experience. I am going to pick it up, read it and see what I can make
    of it.

    So much information flying around about how addictive Blackberry,
    twitter and facebook are. Many who vowed in the past never to use
    those platforms, now brand themselves as thought leaders. (I swore I
    would not use BB, guess what? Am typing this post with a BB bold)

    Sometimes the road you are navigating is not so clear but you have
    your destination clear. My advice; keep it up, up up, keep going. I
    have my destination in mind, many times its not clear how to go, but
    the why and what keeps me fired.

    Taking stock of where you are as against where you were can give you
    the strenght you need to carry on. Be grateful for the things you are
    enjoying now.

    Am I there yet? Noo! Guess what, I may be making my first trip out of
    Nigeria, all expense paid to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, working with
    Awesome Adventurer.

    How did I do it? What were my challenges and how did I deal with it?
    Stick around as I would keep you updated on my blog.

    What challenges are you having right now, in navigating to your dream?
    How are you dealing with it? I would like to hear from you.

    Use the comment box bellow. If you love this article, please RT, share
    on facebook and let me hear your comment. Thanks.

  2. 4 comments:

    1. Banks said...

      Well bro, here's my two kobo:

      If everybody's calling you a monkey, you'd better check your behind, see if you've grown a tail! In my honest opinion, you ARE a twitter addict. That might not be a bad thing as long as it keeps working for you...but you've got to understand that there's a thing called the law of diminishing returns.

      Like I said, my two kobo.

    2. thanks for checking in bro and voting your two kobo, It would be invested Judiciously and when it appreciates, you can enjoy the bonus gained.

      (y) :)

    3. Like the Chinese Proverb goes "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials"

      Challenges are what people face everyday...How i deal with them? I don't see them as obstacles instead i see them as instruments set to make me stronger and propel me even faster to achieving my goal. So i just keep my eyes on the price and keep going, pressing, climbing and pushing till i gerrit! #DatIsAll

      And i must're a big time TwitAddict.

    4. @Efemena (aka @boss_o_matic) Thanks mate, for your vote counts.

      Climbing up with the stones thrown at us may be hard. "I see them as instruments to make me stronger." I like that. Keep your eyes on the prize (for those who have a target), thats what we all must do).

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