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  1. "Jack of all trade master of none."
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    Can one be equally good to the same degree when doing so many things at thesame time?

    You're familiar with that opening quote. If refered to as a jack of all trade, how will you feel? I won't like it if it were me. But, the truth is, we have Jacks of Multiple trades around us. Such people may be seen as a missfit in the society. I don't think it shout be so.

    I once wrote on this blog, about slahers vs specialists. Those who are passionate about different things and feel the urge to purse them are called scanners. They are sometimes called slashers since their bio may look something like this - Writer/ photographer/ blogger /webdesigner /Musician.

    The Specialists school of thought see such people as a misfit. This, however, is doing damage to a lot of scanners who can hardly settle down and engage in a single career for the rest of their lives.

    There is room for specialists and scanners alike. It's better to help scanner understand their skill and maximise it. I see most entrepreneurs having the scanner trait. Trying to label themselve into being specialists may be their greatest challenge.
    I belong to the scanner tribe. I never knew all along. It's a special kind of trait, just like Peter Parker [Spider Man] who had to learn how to use his special powers. I am learning to use Mine as well :-)

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    If you are an entrepreneur, and you find yourself to be multipassionate, don't despair, help is available. There is a whole community at, you see people with same trait there and you can share and learn how everyone is applyiing this unique trait.

    How is being a Multi-passionate entrepreneur and advantage? I will share that tomorrow. Make it a date.
    Do you find youself in this category of people, who have multiple-interests and pottentials? How have you been managing the trait?

    If you're a specialist, what's your thought about scanners, are they Jack of all trade master of none?

    I will like to hear from you in the comments.

    P.S it is day3 in the 3Oday challenge to develop good habits. You can still join us. [Since I am composing this with My Nokia E71, I can't put the link, use the search box or @ me on twitter @JesseOguns] we are now about 30 in the group, it's free and it's an interesting community.

    I will also appreciate your feedback on my new blog design if you're a regular. Thanks!

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