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  1. I was going to publish a post on benefits of being a multi-passionate Entrepreneur. I decided to break down the frequency of my posts to increase the quality.

    Having awesome marketing skills can add more business to you, but poor habits can make you lose in your business.

    Have you been trying to learn new habits recently? Habits that will enhance your productivity. If yes, trying this few tips can help the habit stick.

    1. Don't try to do too much. You're more likely to fail and be discouraged. Initially I posted once in a week on my blog. I decided to post daily between 300 - 500 words as a new habit. I am already feeling overwhelmed. So I have broken it down to two post a week. I will still write daily, but will post only twice in a week. Break down your goal into tiny bits, you can increase it as you get more comfortable.

    2. Get a support system to be accountable to. In my case, I am part of a Facebook group started by Aaron Lee. I report my progress to them and get encouragement. You can join us or start your own group. You can decide to make your friend your support. It helps. If you can't find any, I am available to provide support for you. Reach out to me on twitter or email me.

    Get support to enable your new habit stick - Image source

    3. Record & track your progress. I record my progress using evernote application on my PC. I also do a summary on the group page on Facebook for the 30-day challenge. This will help you to know how you are doing and know what to adjust. You may record your progress on a blog or a note book.

    4. Don't beat yourself when you fail at it. Start afresh the next day. You can't learn a new habit with ease, it's tough, it takes time and practice. Anyday you fail at executing the set task, you're not a failure. Just try again. If you're doing too much, reduce the task as I said above.

    5. Reward yourself with an enjoyable activity or something you admire. I love to tweet, I wait till I get my task done & then go online to have fun.

    This is my 4th Day in the 30-day challenge to develop a new habit with a Facebook group.. It's been fun and rewarding. I hope to keep it up till the 30th day as see how well I did.

    Have you been trying to develop a new habit lately? How have you been going about it? I will love to hear from you in the comment.


  2. 3 comments:

    1. Jenuwa said...

      Lovely Write-up...
      Creating a new habit is one of the hardest thing to do. I've been faced with several...reading used to be very difficult for me 'tho i'm the type that prefers verbal knowledge'....but there was a day i realised myself and got self-motivated. I followed a step similar to the ones you mentioned above. Thanks to a study group that encourages and motivates me, and also act as a check! I now find reading fun and have adopted it as a hobby.
      Trying too hard worsens it and makes it reach a level of failure quickly. Doing it little by little is the 'surest' to easily cling to the habit.
      This is a piece i would like to share with some friends....Thumbs Up Jessi!

    2. Jesse said...

      Hi Jenuwa,

      Study groups sounds great. I remember I had such study groups during my university days. Way to go mate. I'm glad you found the piece useful and will be sharing it with your friends.

    3. Devin Ambron said...

      Awesome work with your writing mission. Keep up the good work my friend!

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