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  1. How would you feel, if a friend comes to you only when he needs help?

    Friendship ought to be cultivated and nutured like a garden. You can't reap anything from a garden that is not cultivated or nurtured.

    The business world did not give birth to the social web, the same way humans were here on earth before business started. Now that businesses are using the social web as a tool to build their business, some are still getting it all wrong. I will tell you how.

    They open a Twitter and Facebook account, and create a blog and start to push their messages out to the public like in a traditional advert.

    Some of the businesses now know that engaging and connecting is vital. So what do they do? They come online, give some freebies and they are gone. Using social web as a tool to build business hinges on relationship building and management. The people you form relationship with are more likely to buy from you when you have an offer instead of just coming online with the aim of selling.

    You have to care before you share. The social media platforms is about sharing value. What will increase the chances and reach of what you share is how much you have first cared and the value you are adding.

    You publish an article and you want people to read it. Why should they care? There are lots of articles on the web on a daily basis. However if you have cared enough to build a relationship with them and create value, they would be more likely to buy from you.

    It is that simple. Most businesses are just missing it. Small business owners and tech entrepreneurs are not left out. Care before you share.

    The question is - How do you show you care before sharing? How do you create value for the online community to foster a bond of friendship? I will cover that in a future post.
    Have you experienced it on Twitter or Facebook were someone just tries to sell you something without having a standing relationship that has been nutured over time? How did you feel?


    Feel free to let me know in the comments.

    P.S. I am starting a FREE training for those who will like to learn how to write attention grabbing headlines on emails, blog posts and add. If you are interested, you can signify your interest by visiting my Facook page -

  2. 3 comments:

    1. Alan Berkson said...

      You cut right to the heart of it, Jesse. Great post!

    2. Jesse said...

      I am glad you found the piece great. Thanks for dropping by.

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