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  1. “Long-term couple rely on each other to act as one another’s memory.” – Daniel Wegner



    This sounds like something I did when I was in high school. My mum always knew where things are, so I don’t bother remembering where I kept my things. I simply ask her and she produces it. She’s awesome.

    According to a research study by a group of researchers presented on BBC online portal, we seem to be relying more on the computer and the internet to help us remember things than our own memory.




    Do you think we are becoming dumber?

    The researchers pointed us to the quote in the opening. If long-term couples can depend on each other to store things and remember them [Transactional memory], Depending on our computer or the internet to aid us in remembering does not make us dumb, does it?

    We seem to develop another set of skill of knowing where and how we store information on the web and on our computers. The web and our computers are therefore serving as out transactional memory.

    Do you think we are becoming dumber in this computer and internet age?


    Let’s discuss it in the comment section. I will love to know what your thoughts are. Thanks!

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  2. 10 comments:

    1. gamelmag said...

      Very interesting post. Indeed the web is serving as our transactional memory. But the question is: "what happens when the net breaks down?"

    2. Jesse said...


      Good Question. There is need for back up, even if we allow our computer or the web to help us store things. I believe that using the brain to remember things like phone number, names, appointments and the like helps it to extend it's "band-width." But, if we live it to the web or computer [always], it hibernates and may not wake up in time of emergency.

      Can you give an example of when the net can break?

      Thanks for commenting!

    3. Josh Lee said...

      I honestly think that the internet/computer age has made us exponentially smarter. Yes we are relying on the computer/internet to store some of our information for us to help us remember, but the amount of knowledge we pick up and skills we pick up from the internet/computer far outweigh the negatives of letting the computer/internet remember some information for us - as usually this information is remedial and nothing very important other than business meetings which for me if I have a very important business meeting, even if I make a not on the computer - my mind is still focused on that meeting as anyone's would be.

    4. Alade said...

      Lovely Post... I Believe the internet is an extension of our brain. It holds more information than we can ever hold in our brains.
      With the recent declaration by UN which makes Broadband access a Human right. I think high speed internet will become more accessible the world over, with this we will be more dependent on d internet for answers rather than our Brains :(
      I think we will get more things done with this but we will be quite dumb functioning without it in case it fails.

    5. Jesse said...


      hmm! Smarter. Does it not make the situation a paradox?

      It's good, but when it is not available for use or referencing, we may become dumb. There are functions that our brain can perform well, but we let the computer and internet do it, so we can be faster and get much done, but If it fails (low battery, crashed hard drive, unrest resulting in cutting of internet connection) how do we task our brain that has been dormant as a storage device?

    6. Jesse said...


      That is a valid point. Just like cars and trains help us get to where we are going faster, too much reliance on them can result in health Hazard (as a doctor in training you know that). For this reason, many people who rely on cars, buses and lift, sometimes are encouraged to take the stairs or go for exercise.

      Even with the internet and the computer, we should take sometime to exercise our brains too. Can you remember someone's name without storing it on your phone?

      Thanks, Josh and Alade ;-)

    7. gamelmag said...

      Well, it's just a thought that's been running through my mind. I hope that never happens. lol.

    8. Jesse said...

      I hope it never happens too. I will be tasking my brain with a few things like names. For now I will still rely on my phone & google calender for deadlines & appointments, aha!Gamelmag,
      I hope it never happens too. I will be tasking my brain with a few things like names. For now I will still rely on my phone & google calender for deadlines & appointments, aha!

    9. Anonymous said...

      First look at the quote again: “Long-term couple rely on each other to act as one another’s memory.” – Daniel Wegner. This refers to the fact that men atimes forget things when it comes to house matters and some other important stuffs, mothers are known for covering up for their husbands forgetfulness. Imagine that Obama thought his daugther is 14 instead of 13 years old.
      Well on the issue of becoming dumber, the computer is a storage space but this is an era of information overload. We tend to download lots of things that we have not even read, it is causing us to be lazy and not exercising the muscles of our brain.
      Like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe sad and I quote "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.



    10. Jesse said...

      Hi Funmi,

      That reminds me, I have some e-books I have downloaded I need to read up :|.

      Hmm! Do women/mothers remember things more than men? I know I still depend on others to remember some things, but is it a sex matter, Funmi?

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

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