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  1. If you have ever found yourself lost joining a social network as a newbie, you are not alone. When I signed on to Facebook, I had same issue, when I signed on to Twitter it was the same story.


    How did I find my way?

    A friend showed me how to use twitter with the basics. The rest I pretty much figure out on my own. While exploring the social web, especially twitter, I noticed that the people who were getting things done and having fun while at it on twitter were formed into groups and communities. Breaking into those communities and joining the conversation can be very tasking for a newbie, you would agree with me. My solution is define who you are and what you want out of the social web and join a community that shares your interests.

    I have been able to spot many communities here on twitter, some are formal, some are informal. They have provided an entry point and a means of joining the online conversation. We have the #usguys, a community of professionals who talk about social media, tech and how it can affect their lives and help grow businesses. There is also Tribber. Tribber is a group of bloggers who provide support for one another by helping each others message and posts go viral, you can join only by being invited by an already existing member. So, Tribber is exclusive.

    Time would fail me if I go on to run through all the groups that are, as some are not even as formal as the two I have mentioned. If you take your time to observe you would see them from the way they form here on twitter.

    We launched our community of tech lovers and friends on the 13th of May 2011 with Deborah Elzie as our honourable guest.

    We are a new community forming here on twitter and joining is free, it is not exclusive. You can find details of how to join and participate in the conversation here.

    How did the Launch go?

    Debie share with us how she never met the founder of the Kuyu project that she’s working with for a while now and a host of other members, including our own Emeka Okoye, who is their Mobile strategist. Among the highlight of the chat was how the web has made collaboration borderless and enhanced creativity and innovation.

    There was the question of; ‘How do you know who to trust on the web?’ Debbie said the way she checked me out was looking at the way I interact with others and other activities I engage on, hmm! (gracias Smile) Although, there would always be people who are not credible on line as well as offline, don’t you agree with me?

    I remember Debbie mentioning how a member of the Team writes codes (programming) on his mobile phone, pheww! Never heard that before and never knew it was possible Disappointed smile

    Looking forward

    We would be having the next round of chat on the 3rd of June 12noon GMT (1pm Nigerian Time). Interested in joining our community? Watch this space, as soon as we finish with what we would discuss and get the invited guest, we would post it here.

    Feel free to use the Hashtag (#mbgeeks) any time you want to share anything with the community. it can be news, blog post or quotes that relates to mobile/Tech/web/social Media and ICT4D (ICT for development).

    Do you have anything on these areas you want us to discuss as a community?

    Is their someone on twitter you would like us to invite as guest?

    Lets here it in the comment are or email or tweet @ me (@JesseOguns)

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