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  1. Why Social Media?

    Social media in a networking tool. connection and sharing has become very vital and popular. The tools that make such connection and sharing so much fun is the web. The possibility of what we can share is huge. Once, I read at Quora, that there are three essential traits and quality needed for a successful tech startup, they are; 1) Tech engineer and developer 2) Designer/Art director 3) Business developer/Brand evangelist.


    There are lots of example we can find around the web of folks who have engaged with each other, starting business with people they met via social media. One good example is the Kuyu Project (Founder and Executive Director, Simeon Oriko of kUYU project.) The potentials of social media is so huge, and by social media, I don’t mean Facebook or twitter only. They were not the first by the way, and I would encourage you read about the Kuyu project from here, The founder was interviewed.
    mBGeeks simply means mobile geeks. It was born out of the need to network with ourselves and add value to the society with our passions. It is a group of fun people who gather on twitter to talk about mobile and computing devices, tech and social media.

    What is #mbGeeks and what does it stand for?

    Mb stands for Mobile, then of course you know what geeks means. folks who like to figure out how techie stuffs work for fun and make money in the process. it is a life style, and I am proud to be one (though I am still an infant at it)

    #mbGeeks is a collection of individuals, young and old, male or female, who love to interact via the web and then real life, sharing their love for mobile, web, technology and social media and how this can help add value to the community and individuals. We would be using the web as the connecting cables to build an array of mind share that would become borderless.

    The opportunities and possibilities of mbGeeks would be immense. As we go on, we would keep adding new initiatives, new twist and experiences to create value to each of. Mbgeeks is a lifestyle and you are invited to join. It would be a no brainer way of connecting with minds from across the globe.

    I know this is possible, and I want us to do it together as a collective unit. Access to whatever information or people you want to reach has never been this easy.

    To share in the minds of one another, contribute to the development of the society (ICT4D) with our core technological skills.

    Who can join?

    Everyone and anyone from anywhere in the world who loves mobile, web, technology, social media, Startups, entrepreneurs who would like to use tech to build their business, and those who love to geek out and have fun.

    What would you benefit?

    The benefits are boundless -
    * You can find people to collaborate with on a project locally and internationally
    * Access to people who are already using technology to build change and add value in business and community
    * You will build a richer network of friends of like minds.
    * You have fun
    * We have access to each others strong network and a great business Alliance.
    How do you Participate?

    You would have to first get on twitter if you are not, it is the platform we would be using to connect (until, if we build something better). When reading articles online, that are tech, mobile or web related, that you think can benefit the group (nice and quality posts), share it and include #mbgeeks at the end. Twitter is a very good tool for business networking and sharing with people of like minds from anywhere as long as you have internet access (it also works with sms too). If you need help getting started there are a few articles I would recommend from you.
    Twitter tutorials:
    * Twitter 101
    * Twitter Mobile Tools
    * How to find people to follow on twitter
    * Do it yourself and do it right on Twitter
    When you go through these articles as a newbie, you can easily get started. the only way to be familiar with twitter is to get involved and start tweeting. I learned all I learned by just tweeting. Though I made a lot of errors.
    We would be using the hashtag #mbGeeks ( explained in How to find great people to follow on twitter) to communicate with all members. occasionally (or weekly) we would be having one hour chat on twitter. to join a tweeter chat is quite easy, you can do it on your mobile by including the chat hashtag (eg – mbGchat) and ckecking it through search what others are contributing. A better view of the chat would be via tweetdeck, Hootsuite  or tweetchat.

    Those are the key benefits for now. there are many more to come. but since it is a community and not a one man show. the success of it depends on how much we share with each other and work as a team.
    If you are down with it. you don’t have to sign anything, just join the online convo and meet more people who have started to use the hashtag (#mbGeeks). As we move on, we would be revealing and reviewing.
    Knowing the role social media plays in helping tech lovers to work on project together, we can collectively make this work. come on in and lets tweet together. Smile
    For more questions you can email to or find me on twitter and @ me. (@JesseOguns)

    Founder of mbGeeks – Jesse Oguntimehin – Digital maniac, incurable connector and brand evangelist.

  2. 5 comments:

    1. spacyzuma said...

      Wow! I recognize that guy with you. We met during the Nokia Developer's 3-day Training. I even gave that Angry Birds PC version I told you about.

      Hope you all had fun at the event.

    2. Jesse said...

      Thanks Ebere.

      we are actually going to have to make this work together. I am currently at garage48, organized. by a group of folks from Estonia. we sure would have some great vibes moving on line. get ready.

    3. dwk said...

      Spacyzuma......yup yup..
      how are u?

    4. Anonymous said...

      Bro, nice 1, even if no one says, your heart says and is real true, nice 1; nice posts, nice works,
      One question I desire you answer here: JQed 2 JesseOguns on twitter? any special reason?

    5. Jesse said...

      Anonymous 9:47am (wish I could address you by your name :))

      For personal branding, it is better to use your own name. I am the brand here. It is also easier to get my first name from @jesseoguns than from @JQed, which was an experiment.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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