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  1. I'm writing this brief piece stuck in the car. It is raining right now in Lagos. I am waiting for a shop to open.

    I forgot it's thursday as I hurried up to a shop to buy air-time in bulk. On thursdays, shops should not open until 10am. It about 9:15am.

    I am a blogger & I need to share information on digital marketing with small business owners online. I will often have comments I need to moderate, tweets I need to reply and other activities.

    What I would have done in this scenario was to go back home to my laptop & continue working. However, I decied to stay back in the car, while waiting for the shop to open, with my humble Nokia E71 & access to the web via my sim card.

    I have replied some mails, checked my tweets, reading some blog link I faved and typing this post now via Email2blog.

    Think of a time you will have to wait to see someone, going to pick your kids from school, going on a bus or train ride. Your Mobile Smart Device with access to the web might just come in handy.

    In case you've been thinking it's a waste of money, you can check how it can help you to be more productive and creative, then consider getting one.

    BTW, if you're trying to figure out what mobile smart device will do for you as a blogger, check out Mr Mobility's blog @ or tweet at him @mobilitynigeria.

    Do you have a Smart mobile device as a blogger? How does it help you to be more productive? I will like to hear your own take.



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