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  1. Two days ago, I wrote an article on why write a short but interesting post. This is a follow-up on that Post.

    While there are many factors that determines if your article will be read, for a fairly new [Z-list] blogger, Lenght can also be a factor. I explained all that in the previous post.

    Steps I consider to write short but interesting posts

    1. Reseach your topic.. Writing short doesn't mean irrelevant content. Reseach to know what people want to read. Listen to conversations during tweet chats, check popular hashtags, and search for what others have written. Short doesn't mean easy.

    2. Write your first draft. If you write and edit at the same time, you're in for a hard one. Allow flow in your first draft. It can be lenghty, which will allow for the key ideas to be written.

    3. Edit for brevity. Take out the irrelevant words, phrases and sentences.

    4. Write on the tablet of the heart, they won't bleed. Do people die because you love them? We are emotional before being rational. If it makes sense but is not sweet, we may not read it. If you're a thought leader, people may keep up with your reading no matter how long. I bet you majority will scan it for key points.

    While there are other points that make people read your post, like design and colour, the lenght do play a huge role. Here is what Amber of @Wordsdonewrite said in a tweet to me:

    "I prefer short over long pieces. Been my experience that most people have short attention spans."

    Then I asked her; What should people do to keep it short but interestiong, here is her response:

    " concise. People have lots of options, so don't make it work to read your writing. Also don't burry your lead."

    Those are my 4 steps to writing short, but interesting posts.


    Your turn

    What will you say is vital to writing short interesting blog posts? Share in the comments.

    P.S pay a visit to Amber's blog. She's excellent at her writing ;-) or


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