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  1. My 30 day challenge

    Jul 16, 2011

    I have been thinking of how to enhance my productivity for a while now. Especially as I am into Digital Marketing. It is very easy to use so much time online, do so much and get nowhere.

    When I saw Aaron Lee’s tweet on twitter two days ago I was glad I can finally be held accountable by a group.


    “Planning to write a 30 days challenge, who’s with me? Smile

    Sometimes, when people are trying to drop an addiction to a bad habit, they use a support group. You must have seen it in the movies, where an Alcoholic joins a group for support for a period. It helps. That was exactly what got me excited and I joined.

    I have been working on my own for a few days now, to blog daily in order to improve my writing skills. I have also been looking at a strategy to use social media more productively. Leaning on the community will thus provide an opportunity for me to be challenged externally and work on these Goals of mine.

    Yesterday was is day 1.

    Below is a screen shot of my own list for the 30-day period.


    1. Write a blog post of 300 – 500 words daily

    2. Build deep one-on-one relationship on twitter

    3. comment on blogs I read daily.

    The challenge is still open, If you want to join the group click to join the Facebook Group.

    See you on the inside.


    If you have a blog on digital marketing, Blogging, tech startup, or small business, let me know, I will come to it, read, comment and be part of your community


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