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  1. That's me in the middle and my two friends

    I started a facebook fan page to help people on how they can have maximum fun and excitement on their mobile device and while using the internet. I needed to set my username, but could not find my way round it for three weeks. I saw someone on my Facebook page who has already done his. So, guess what I did? I posted a request asking him how to do it, and he helped me. How much did I pay? Nothing! He was in my social network. He is 'Toyin Olaleye  wonderful guy.

    Are you thinking of starting a business and wondering where to start?

    It is all too common for people to nag and say, arrrrggggghhhhhh! No money. 

    I need to raise some money in order to start. By that they are referring to Financial capital. 

    What did I use to get what I wanted above? Did I pay a consultant? No. I used my social capital. What is social capital and how can you use it to build a business or as a starting point as an entrepreneur?

     wikipedia defines social media as a sociological concept, which refers to connections within and between social networks. Though there are a variety of related definitions, which have been described as "something of a cure-all" for the problems of modern society, they tend to share the core idea "that social networks have value.

    My friend chioma recounted this about social capital from a class she attended;
     Yes there was the bit about social capital not being a genie you could rub the right way and get results, you would have to invest in the networks but honestly... I related to it like I would do the basic form of barter; your milk for my flour.’ 

    I like the part where she compares social capital to genie (genie from the lamp, u remember aladin and the magic lamp).

    Social capital is the resources you build up when you are forming relationships online or offline, it could be consciously or subconsciously. They come in very handy when you need to get things done. You don’t have to charge everyone and everytime. There are time you do stuffs because it is for a friend, to build relationships. At other times you collect money. Over time you would have build a built a vast social network. 

    If you’ve seen the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK, you’ll notice how Zack’s friend the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), help him bring the idea to life by providing money. Both of them were in thesame network as friends.

    Conclusively, the next time you are thinking of starting your business or working on that idea of yours and you stop because you don’t have the money!!! Arrrrrggggghhhh! I just think you don’t get it yet. Invest in your network. Follow the way of a spider, it takes its time to spin its web (World Wide Web), until it is set and it can catch its food. Spin your own web too.

    How have you benefited from your own social network, offline or online. Please share by commenting. Tweet and share please if you find it interesting; otherwise drop your comment on what I need to do to make it better. thanks

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    1. Nicely done Jesse! These days, there's a lot more to business than finances, your social capital counts too! And the good thing is that it's so easy to grow that capital!!
      I must add that social capital isn't magical; human beings drive it, meaning that it could either be put to positive or negative use.

    2. I will agree more with you @FairyGodsister on that: '...can be put to positive and negative use.' there are people who simply use skills and selfish tactics to get people to like them and included in their social sphere. Thanks.

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