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  1. When I started with the wireless devices business, I started
    with universal internet modems. I believed in the business
    that I would make good sales and I did. At a time in between
    I needed some cash and got worried about sales coming in or
    not. Guess what happened; sales stalled. I started looking for
    people who would buy it at super discounts.

    Soon after I sold the ones I had left at super discount rates, orders
    started pouring in for the product. I resumed stocking the product
    in much quantity again with a great belief that I'll sell them all,
    and it happened just so. Even when the channel I created
    where the sales came from where blocked, sales kept coming in.

    There is no need to entertain fear when you undertake
    any project, be it child rearing, studying a course, getting
    a new job, fresh out of school, starting out as an entrepreneur etc.
    Whatever it is you are about to do, see it as a success in your minds eye and it will
    surely come to fruition.

    "If you can't see it you can't hit it." - Muhammed Ali.

    Even when the how is not clear to
    you, at least just be crystal clear about what you want.

    See you at the end of the tunnel!

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    1. Okey Onyeanu said...

      Very inspiring

    2. am glad it inspired u. Pla come check some great stuffs as i'll be publishing weekly. Thanks for stopping by.

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