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    It is true that the telecommunication improvements have made the way we live in Nigeria different. Thanks to the giant strides of the mobile telecommunication operators. However, their efforts still leave much to be desired. For some time now, they have been providing us with internet service. By my observation the service is less than satisfactory.

    It is therefore vital to look for a solution to this problem. Some of us, including you reading this article (especially now that you are even reading this online now) rely on internet to get our businesses done.

    In my quest for the solution, I have discovered something I will like to share with you here. Although, my research is still in progress. You may choose to go for a network base modem that will give you access to the internet (e.g. starcomms evdo, multilinks rocket evdo, mtn fastlink etc.). What this means is that you are locked to this network. If for any reason they have network failure or itch, like they normally do, you may then have to use that of a friend or go to cyber cafe.

    What I have discovered.

    Many Nigerians have decided to carry two phone and more in response to the un-unified tariff and the poor network. There have been occasions when certain network providers will not have network provided in certain areas for a day of two, sometimes even nationwide. So, you use your second line, which most definitely will be printed on your business card.

    For the internet case, what do we do? Instead of going for a network based modem, go for the 3.5G universal modem. What is a universal modem? A universal modem is an internet modem you can use with any network in any country as long as you have the sim card of the network and the profile setting of that network which they often provide on their website or from their customer care agents. It works just like a phone that is not locked to a network would work. You are aware that some phones are locked to a network, like they do in Europe and America. MTN use to do it with Motorola phones too.

    How is it a solution?

    If you are subscribed to a service and it is not working well, you’ll simply change the sim to that of another network set it up and start using. Normally, they have pay-as-you go surfing or very flexible plans that can be as low as N1,000 per month.

    The universal modems are easily available anywhere you are in the country (Nigeria). The price range is between N8,500 to N15,000 depending on who is selling and the model.

    While we may not have a final solution yet, we have something better we can use at least to get our businesses up and running. I wish you well


    P.S. in case you’ll like to know who sells and where to get one based on where you live get in touch with me on +2348023119038, 8am – 5am Monday to Friday. Or send me an email on

    P.S.S. if you have a network based modem (mtn, glo, etisalat or zain) that you are already using; I can show you how you can maximise it and solve the problem of poor internet service

    P.S.S.S. we can also show you how you can browse for as low as N1,000 monthly on using your computer at broadband speed.

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    1. Maxy said...

      Nice info...........i will have to get one soon

    2. you betcha! get it, you'll enjoy broadband internet and a lot of flexibility with it.

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