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  1. The new MTN LINK packages are actualy excellent. You cannot
    underestimate the power of the social circle. What the people arround me have actually been saying about the MTN packages have actually made me to see it in the bad light.

    After speaking to an MTN custmer care agent who pointed a few things to me, I saw the hidden benefits to the new packages from MTN. If only MTN made it easy to be understood, they would have made more sales. It is not only tech people or educated individuals that use the mobile phone.

    I will take my time to break down the benefit of the FUNLINK
    today, those who it will suit there life style can take
    their time and go through it and start enjoying it.

    With a bundle of N1,500 you'll benefit;
    * 50 MTN to MTN minutes (normal minutes would have costed
    N31.80) 50 minutes will translate into N1,590.
    * 200 MTN to MTN sms (normal MTN to MTN sms would have costed you N5), so 200 MTN to MTN will be valued at N1,000.
    * 60Mb weekend data, (normaly with MTN 50Mb costs N500), so 60Mb can be valued at N600.
    * don't forget you still have free weekend calls to a special one person and free
    night calls.

    the total estimated value of the N1,500 bundle is N3,190 (remenber the weekend call and night call was not valued or factored in), so you'll be saving N1,690.

    I will advice if you spend at least N1,500 credit monthly, migrate to the new MTN FUNLINK.

    Direct any question or comment to or post them here.
    p.s. I will be explaining the others soon, as well as telling you how to activate the unlimited weekend call to that one special person and how to activate the bundle.

    p.s.s. to migrate to FUNLINK, text 440 to 131
    Also note that the MTN FUNLINK bundle is optional. you can be on the
    mtn funlink and not be enjoying the bundle if you did not activate the bundle.

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