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  1. Samsung is dominating the Android platform. One GALAXY after the other is being released to the market. As I type this, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 plus Samsung GALAXY Gear is availablefor pre-order here in Nigeria. I am yet to lay my hands on any of those two devices. Hopefully I will soon.

    At the moment, I just got the Samsung GALAXY MEGA 5.8  and I  shall be using it as my device for the next one month, after which I will write my thoughts about the phone.

    The Samsung GALAXY MEGA 5.8 Duos is dual microSIM phone running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

    I handled a Samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3 a few weeks back. I was put off by the size. It was way too large. Mega  may mean big, but that 6.3" size was way too big. I wanted it to be a phone like the Samsung GALAXY Note 2. A phone I can comfortably slip into my jeans pocket. I just could not lug it around every day as it was too large.

    I have a GALAXY MEGA 5.8 on my desk now and I do not have a problem with that size.

    Expect a review from me as soon as I put  the phone through a severe test.

    The GALAXY MEGA 5.8" Duos isn't a new phone. It was launched into the market in May 2013.

    What would you like to know about the Samsung GALAXY Mega 5.8?

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