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  1. The Pliris Blaze+ package

    Android phones are great in the way they are within the reach of different segment of the market. It is one of the reasons that the share of Android in the market has overtaken that od Apple's iOS. Unlike the Apple's iPhone running iOS, every other person can find an Android phone that suits their style and their pocket—like the Galaxy Pocket by Samsung.

    From home here in Nigeria, we have our own Pliris Blaze+ from Pliris Mobile. Let me give you my very first impression in reviewing the phone. I have had the phone for a couple of days and I have been playing with it.

    First, in the box we have two batteries, one phone charger, a red earphone and the Pliris Blaze+ itself. 

    The Complete Pack
    Inserting the Sim card was tricky – I got how to insert the first sim with ease. But inserting the second one—sim two—was challenging. I looked for a diagram to show me how, but the diagram I saw there wasn’t descriptive enough. I saw the diagram later after straining my eyes.

    Take note of the dual SIM card slot

    The Display is great – 

    Clear and legible display; reading via Flipboad App
    It is clear when you are reading from it. Not only is it clear, the size of the screen also make for a pleasurable reading experience—the type you cannot get from the 2.8” and 3.2” Android phones that are very affordable. It spots a 4.3” capacitive display that is very responsive. I have handle a couple of HTC phones, like the HTC Viva and the HTC One S and One X. The feel of the Pliris Blaze+ is closer to the HTC brand than the Samsung counterpart.

    The Battery performance – It ships with two batteries. It is a dual sim phone. It spot a 2,000mAh capacity battery. I find it impressive that the power outlasts my Blackberry 9900. Well, it is because it spot a 2,100mAh battery, plus there is an extra battery in the pack. It lasted me a full days use. I am going to still push it through a full day use, using it primarily for calling, surfing the internet, emails and updating my social media streams.

    Taking screen shots – 

    Screen shot, reading an article using Dolphin HD Browser
    I love to show off stuff that I am doing on a phone and brag about it to my friends. I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the Pliris Blaze+ on time until I asked Gbenro. He told me that I had to press down the power button and the volume down button. I tried that but it was very difficult to make it happen. I eventually made it happen after several trials and it became easier for me there after.

    The Google Play Store – I was able to get the apps that I wanted and downloaded them to the phone is a twinkle of am eye. The Google Play Store works and. It wasn’t crashing on me or quitting on me. I did not have any issue trying to use it to download apps.

    Design – 

    I find the design to be too bulky and not as slim as some of the newer phone models in the market. Like I said above, the screen size is one aspect of the design that I am at home with, I just love it. I spend lots of time reading and sending emails on my mobile devices. The virtual keypads are not too cramped, they are well spaced out. However, I had to get SwiftKey X, a better third party virtual keypad.

    I love that it is spotting Android ICS that doesn’t have too much customs on it. It looked very similar to what you will see on a Google powered Android Phone like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.

    I will be using the Pliris Blaze+ as my primary device and pushing it to the edge to write a fuller review. Let me know if there is anything you'll like me to cover.

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