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  1. I was in a chat [#innochat] last week. It was on the relationship between innovation and storytelling. The discussion was very deep.

    After the chat, I kept thinking about the benefits of storytelling and how powerful it is as a communication [and marketing] tool.

    Storytelling appeals to our emotional senses and help us connect as humans. When facts tell, stories sell. Have you noticed how drawn you are to adverts that have story lines and remember them for a long time than adverts that simply highlight benefits? Print, audio and video adverts use the power of storytelling.
    When we come togehter to share, we share our stories, our pasts, our lives and it connects us.

    It is vital that entrepreneurs examine the concept of storytelling and see how they can use it as a leverage to connect with their customers and users.

    This is a topic I am excited to write about. I will be writing more details about it in a future post. Looking at the case studies of how some entrepreneurs have used storytelling to connect to customers. The heart is the sit of conversion, it may not make sense sometimes, but can still reach the heart.

    What advert can you remember recently that has a nice storyline and connected with you? Please share in the comment. I will include it in a future post.


    Thanks for taking time to visit my blog once more. If you're new here, you can check the archives for posts I have written in the past.

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