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  1. I started this Journey a year ago. I opened my first twitter account [@JesseOguns] as a traveler seeking adventure. It's been fun and exciting. I have enjoyed sharing and meeting wonderful people online and then offline.

    There is a need to start a new journey. I am redefining the way I will be offering marketing contents to small business and tech entrepreneurs looking to social media as a tool to build their business. To this end I am launching my new twitter handle - @DigflySocial.


    It has been a little challenging sharing exclusively with those looking to use the social web as a brand building tool. That is the reason for the change.

    It will help me to take care of a single community, those who are looking to use the social [media] web as a tool to connect and build a profitable relationship with their audience/customer.

    Who makes up the community?

    Any business looking to use the social web to market in an unconventional way. Old way of selling does not work on the web. I wrote a post about that.

    - Small and medium scale enterprises
    - startup tech entrepreneurs
    - Marketers who help their company to use social media
    - online community managers
    - bloggers and content creators
    - ad copy writers.

    To all those we've been sharing since I opened my twitter account in July 2010, I say thank you.
    A special thank you goes to Olajiga Oyin [@OlajigaOyin]. She took me through my first twitter lesson. I remember it was in November '10 when I returned to see if I can make twitter work.

    Twitter 101 was my first and most memorable lesson. 'Tweet to others as you want them to tweet to you,' she told me. It is still relevant today as it was to me then.

    Let's start the new journey together @DigflySocial I would still be tweeting as @@jesseoguns, but the new account would be more pro than personal.

    How do you manage your personal and professional account when using twitter for your business?
    I will like to hear from you in the comments.

    To see some of the result of my one year learning on the social web, you can go through some of the more than 40 posts I have on the blog. Expect new things from me.

    If you know someone who fit this category you can refer them to this post. Thanks.

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