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  1. Networking is an essential art. The strenght of your network can open doors of opportunities to you.

    Networking with the right people can provide an awesome leverage . Either you're looking for a job or you're strarting a business. Business owners looking to grow their business need to build networks too.

    Who should you network with?

    You don't want to be a snob. At the same time you can't give your attention equally to everyone. You should spend your time with people that enrich and add value to you. It is also okay to spend time with people who want you to add value to them. Balance is needed.

    In this post I want to share with you how a super connector can be of advantage to you in your network and how to spot one.

    - A connector is outgoing. Takes time to know people and build relationships with them. Once a connector is impressed by you and likes you, that's all. Whenever he sees something or someone that can add value to you, s/he's going to connect you. A friend of mine, Debbie Elzie, whom I met on twitter is a connector. She knows I love marketing and saw an account on twitter and recommended I follow the person. I have been enriched from that connection as an individual.

    - A connector knows people from different cirlcles and is a born networker. The likelyhood that s/he know who can get what done is high. His/her direct contact may not have the solution, but may know someone who knows someone that has the solution. ;-)

    - A connector can also be a great advocate for you. Extending your personal brand and presenting it to people who are likely to pick interest.

    I am moved to share this few tip as I have been seeing the benefits of having connectors in my network.

    Twitter is a tool for building networks and relatioships. You can use it to spot connectors as well.

    You can become more aware of connectors offline as well. It will take time for you to spot who a connector is. When you spot such a person, invest in the relationship. It pays to be genuine. Do not try to play it as a game.

    Do you have a connector is your network, offline or online? What are some benefits you've derived?

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    1. Seun Odunayo said...

      Nice post. Most connectors are not pronounced - what I mean is that they don't go about carrying placards showing themselves as connectors. The reason why I said this is because I have come to find out through experience in my business that the more you give quality service, the more you are networked with other people.

      I remember a particular advert of now defunct First Inland Bank which aired on radio about 5-6 years ago. One line in the advert reads, 'relationships are the foundation upon which future businesses are built'. That has stuck with me since then.

      Whatever opportunity you have to serve anyone via your products/services, always strive to put in your best. Once the client sees how excellent you are, be positive that you will be recommended. It might not happen in a day but I tell you, the long term benefits are too numerous to mention.

      Thanks Jesse once again for this post.

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