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  1. Google plus has been a news buzz since it debutted. Some who initially ignored it, now want invite. Thanks to Deep Soni, I got an invite as one of the first to try it.

    I have been able to test the service. Not deep though. But I have features of it that I adore. Being in the business of online marketing for small businesses, my personal adoration isn't prime.

    What is Prime is; How can Google+ be useful for small business owners to work & market their services more effectively? Time will reveal more.

    Durring our mothly #mbGeeks chat yesterday, someone asked if Google+ can be used for collaboration.

    I figured out something while reading iRevolution Blog. Unlike the walled garden [Facebook] Google+ is open. If you are working with a group of people, you can decide to add them all to a circle and share exclusive content to them. Only those in the circle will see the content. You can tell the others to include the rest of the team in thesame circle.

    In addition, you can disable sharing from the drop down by your right [I will include a snapshot later, typing this with my nokia phone] this will prevent the receivers, from re-sharing the content.

    You can also use the hang out feature for collaboration too. It supports video & audio. I already tried that and it is cool.

    Let's give Google+ time to grow. For now, it is dominated by social geeks & tech geeks. Robert Scoble says, he will prefer it to stay that way. Chris Brogan wrote of 5O ways G+ can be useful. I just shared two ways you can experiment with G+, using it as a tool for collaboration.

    What tools are you currently using for online collaboration?

    If you need an invite and don't have one yet, you may drop you email and I will send you one. Provided Google is still allowing people in.


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    1. Circles and Hangout are very good collaborative tools, that I've checked out. Well I had to tell those in my cirlces which circle they belonged to as there is no notification for them "Hope G+ works on this". Well the Hangouts are awesome and really see it a future colloboration tool - audiovisual.The internet performance could be an issue in any case though.

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