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  1. I log on to twitter first thing in the morning, read my mentions, check my RSS feeds for news & blogs related to my industry, & mark what to share & share it via twitter. It's so easy. I can't remember the last time I read print.

    "Time seemed to slow down, those lazy weekends, as I made my way through the various sections. Even then, I had the urge to SHARE. If I come across an article I knew someone would like, I would expertly tear - yes, there's an art in tearing newsprint - the article out and fold it away in my pocket. ...Pop it in an envelope with a handwritten note saying 'I thought you might find this interesting...' and send to a colleague, friend [customer] or relative." -@Berkson0

    Imagine how sharing would have looked like without twitter.

    I met a lady today durring the future training. There was a need for me to share with her. However, she's not using twitter. So, I have to email it to her. If she was it would have been esier.

    Durring Entrepreneurial training on a few days back, the trainer pointed us to a material. I googled it and found it. Everyone wanted it. While others copied the long URL, Gbenga has his twitter handle handy. Guess what? I tweeted the link to him.

    This are some positive aspects of sharing.

    It has also become easier for brands to share their unique message and be heard faster too.

    Our tools for sharing and communication have changed. For old and new businesses to survive, they have to understand how these tools work and leverage them.

    How were you sharing exciting contents before the days of digital media?

    P.S. I am sharing my thoight right now, composing this post from my nokia e71 as an email message. It would be share automatically on Facebook and twitter. Sharing on turbo :)


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