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  1. Editors Note: Framing post for the next #mbGeeks chat by Deborah Elzie -

    There are so many changes happening in relation to social networks these past few months with the release of Google + and now Facebook's major makeover announced at f8.

    What is really happening, should we really start to worry about sharing too much personal data via social networks? Have we spent enough time thinking about who owns our data and how it is being used? Are these new changes good and beneficial? Or should we be more wary of the way corporations want to use our data? Being informed will affect the way we use Facebook going on from now.

    A recent report, Standard Bank's 'Africa Macro Insight and Strategy,' notes that social media are being eagerly adopted by Africans, wih Africa being one of Facebook's fastest growing markets. "There are currently around 32-million Facebook users in Africa, meaning that about 27% of
    African Internet users have Facebook profiles, compared to 18% of Internet users in Asia."

    So for the next #mbgeeks, we thought it would be a good idea to see just what the new Facebook changes may mean to us. Are we discussing these issues enough? Are we well informed?

    Here are the questions we would be looking into in tomorrows chat;

    Q1 When sharing information what should we worry about sharing too much personal data via social networks?

    Q2 Can sharing our personal data make us empowered consumers?

    Q3 Are we willing to share our personal data with marketers, if yes in exchange for what?

    Q4 A recent SA study said SMS and Facebook are preferred channels for marketers. What are your thoughts?

    Q5 Who's the customer and what's the product? (especially as we don't pay to use Facebook, twitter, Google+)

    Q6a Have you tried the new Facebook timeline and ticker?

    Q6b Does Facebook's new features such as the Timeline and Ticker over share?

    Q7 How can we become more empowered consumers, especially in regards to social media?
    Join us Tomorrow Saturday, October 8th, 2011, 6pm GMT to discuss and share knowledge together. Jesse Oguntimehin and I will be moderating while you have a chance at commenting on the questions and sharing with others.

    You can use, tweetdeck, hootsuite or any chat client that allows you to filter hashtag. Tweet with the hashtag #mbGeeks. See you on the inside tomorrow 6pm GMT.

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