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  1. I would be a bestman for my friend tomorrow. It is the first time I would be doing that. I am only worried about one thing - the dance time - I have some awful dancing moves. I hope I can skip that part.

    We arrived Oshogbo at 8:30pm, though we left Lagos at 2:30pm. I slept and read a few pages of Blue Ocean strategy along the way.

    As soon as we entered Oshogbo, I switched on my phone and Tweeted, "Now Entering Oshogbo." First observation GloNG network is super sharp here. I would see if it remain so tomorrow.

    We were treated to a nice evening meal by our host, Amala & ewedu soup. Amala is made of yam flour while ewedu is a green leaf used in making soup. I immediately felt at home.

    There has been power since we go in. I was moved to ask our host how electric power is. I was shocked to find out that they enjoy fairly constant power. Power outage do not last more than 30mins on the average. This sounds like a perfect location for my kind of business as power problem is huge in Lagos.

    I know many of my Tech friends in Lagos who have been thinking of moving to Ghana due to power problem will find this apealing. You may want to move down to Oshogbo.

    Also worthy to note is the low cost of transportation. You can get 'Okada' for NGN20 a drop, wow!

    I am already thinking how sweet it would be to move down to Oshogbo.

    I have only spent a couple of hours here. Tomorrow is the day of the wedding. I hope to still observe the town and share what I see with you. I would be taking some pictures to add to the next post.

    I still don't know if I will dance tomorrow. My dancing steps are a little awful. I am open for tutorials please.

    Would you like to ask me any question about Oshogbo? If you live in Oshogo and reading this. What interesting things about Oshogbo would you like to share with me?



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