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  1. Paul Coelho once tweeted something similar to that title. I dind't bothers asking him the detail. I took the liberty to give it my interpretation.

    This morning, as I got up from my bed, ready to start writing on my laptop, there was power cut - PHCN seized power. I felt like hitting something hard - I wept, but all I got was dry tears.

    In my mind, I could not help but remember how the short stay in Oshogbo was. May be I am obsessing over Oshogbo already. Power cut is one huge problem I experience in Lagos.

    There's also the problem of heavy traffic, overcrowding, bad roads and more. Things are not that bad, but in Oshogbo a smaller town, things are calmer and slower.

    Perhaps it's time for me to move before I exhaust all the dry tears in my eyes.

    But, I am happy for Co-creation hub, a social innovation center in Yaba, Lagos - I wrote about my visit to Co-creation hub at - it will provide an opportunity for some awesome networking that I will find valuable. I was also interviewed as the community manager. Lagos has huge opportunities. The cluster of people is one huge opportunity - people equals to market.

    It's a mixed feeling, as I crave for the clean air, slow pace, good road, abundant power supply of Oshogbo, My heart is still waiting for the goodies Lagos has to offer.

    Who says choosing is easy? I say you've never been at a crossroad. Not choosing is worse than choosing wrongly.

    This is the story behind my early Monday morning dry tears.


    It's Monday and I'm wishing you a fabulous week ahead. Do not let scarcity of resources limit your creativity and ability. Keep exploring ways to make the little you have of value to you, as many people would consider what you have as a great spoil.

    What's your own story of scarcity? I will like to hear from you in the comment. Thanks.


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