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  1. The Rule of @ Mention

    Jul 11, 2011

    If you tweet a lot like me, you may be interested to know if it bothers your followers or not. I am sorry I can't help you on that, but you can ask them.

    If you don't want to come of as spammy, you can use the @ mention at the begining of any conversation you are having. How does it work?

    Any time you click reply or type @ to begin a tweet, only the person you mention and yourself will see the tweet. However, if someone follows both of you [in this case you may have mutual interest] they would also see the conversation.

    You can be sure your conversation with people on twitter are not spamming others, if you use this rule.

    What actions by some twitter users annoys you?


  2. 4 comments:

    1. Jesse, love quick, to the point blogs!
      I really dislike automated messages and of course the self-promoting messages that are scheduled for every 10 min.
      However, I love conversations both serious and fun!

    2. Jesse said...


      Thanks. I don't like self promotion too. But I balance betweet being on my mobile & auto posting my blog post to twitter and Facebook.

      Total automation without conversation may work for some channels like Mashable, they automate & only broadcasts.

      thanks buddy!

    3. Hi Jesse

      I agree with Shahram in that I don't like automated messaging but much prefer conversation, although tweet volume is definitely an issue for many followers - I had this discussion with some good IRL friends who follow me, just yesterday in fact. The rule you mention is at least one way of helping to keep heavy tweet volumes down in follower's streams.
      Thanks for sharing!


    4. Jesse said...


      Having a conversation with some of your followers in real life is great. Reminds me of how bridging the gap between online & offline can strenghten our network.

      I'm glad you find the brief tip useful.

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